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Sophie Wilkinson [8:03 PM] 
Meeting 07/10/15
Attendance: Denny, @aithne, @blueajcooper , @kirsty , @jangojarango , @rob, @matingslinkys , @david_clarke , @froggy , @geeksareforlife , @chunkyhampton , Russell, @sophierach, @dpslwk , @daniel1111, @alex.w , Richard P, @msemtd , @iandickinson , James Berry,

Aithne Morgana [8:04 PM] 
joined #meetingminutes by invitation from @sophierach, along with @kirsty, @blueajcooper, @jangojarango, @rob, @matingslinkys, @david_clarke, @geeksareforlife, @froggy, @chunkyhampton, @daniel1111, @alex.w, @msemtd, @iandickinson

Matt Lloyd [8:05 PM] 
agenda for today

Sophie Wilkinson [8:05 PM] 
Derby Maker Faire - all volunteer slots taken. You can still purchase a ticket and attend, please do.
Beer Festival: @msemtd meeting early for breakfast, but others come when you want. 10:30 at GB cafe for breakfast. May go on to 11 o clock or @mouse o clock. @matingslinkys : it may be running on hippy time.

Mouse [8:05 PM] 
joined #meetingminutes by invitation from @sophierach

Sophie Wilkinson [8:06 PM] 
Actions: nothing on list at this time.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:07 PM]
note from @msemtd - have fire extinguishers been purchased.
@sophierach - yes. will bring in as soon as they arrive.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:07 PM]
Financial Update:

Matt Lloyd [8:07 PM]

Sophie Wilkinson [8:09 PM] 
Overall Assets: £14,800
Current: £8,700
Up by £1,500 on last month.
Membership Income: £3,064 (£500 up on last month)
Usual expenses.
LIGHTING however, £700. 
note from @katemonkey - please ensure oven is turned off.

Kate Bolin [8:09 PM] 
joined #meetingminutes by invitation from @sophierach

Sophie Wilkinson [8:10 PM] 
Threatening note from @dpslwk to MOVE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT payment.
133 members not paying into new bank account.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:13 PM]
question from @russellh - do we have to close this account?
@geeksareforlife: Yes, we legally have to.
Suggestion from @msemtd - do we know who they are? Can we talk to them?
​*Action:*​ to share a list of members so that we can get that disseminated.

Russell Houghton [8:13 PM] 
joined #meetingminutes by invitation from @sophierach

Sophie Wilkinson [8:16 PM] 
Update from Craft Team:
Hi Trustees,

Craft Update:

AG - Apologies I won't be able to make the meeting due to work, so Kirsty will be representing craft.

The craft team is now being overseen by Amy and Kirsty with Sophie as our trustee. In brief.

* Inventory of the craft supplies has been done.

* A budget for craft has been submitted and approved, and for the first time the craft team now has a budget.

* We propose to refit the craft room entirely.

* Changes and updates to the sewing areas.

The space has never had a budget for craft before so one of the first things to say is that a budget proposal was submitted in September, the trustee's edited it and approved it and as of this month we have funds to be able to purchase, kits, consumables, supplies etc to expand the remit for the craft area and be able for the first time to actually monitor the usage of the area, including the sewing sections.

We've spent a fair few hours examining the contents, chucking out any out of date items and non salvageable tools/materials and recycling other useful ones. we've been analysing what we have and what we do not so that we have an inventory now too.

The first key thing that we propose to the space is that we would like to purchase some better, more efficient and purposeful storage solutions as part of re-kitting out the craft room. The plastic tubs that were purchased the first time around are not best suited to all the items, it's currently very easy for the whole room to become messy and our purpose with a refit is to make the area more inviting to members who may not normally set foot in there. As well as help the needs of newer members, of which lately we've had a quite a few crafters join. The rough costs we are looking at are £350-£400 at present.

The craft team would are also responsible for the sewing area and having spoken to many users of the area we have come to the conclusion that pegboards above both machines (moving the accident clock to further along the wall - near the 3D printer) for storing bobbins, spare needles, embellishments, buttons, thread, test fabric, rotary cutters, markers, scissors and threaders etc would be sensible, and also act as a better signpost for the segregation of the area. Also a storage tower under each table.

Please note that by Tuesday evening Kirsty will have a wiki page link which she will forward on to you for reference in time for the meeting. Along the lines of this one from Kate and the comfy area refit.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:18 PM]
Motion passed:

Sophie Wilkinson [8:18 PM]
All agreed

Sophie Wilkinson [8:19 PM]
EVENTS Update:

The events team have a couple of announcements for the meeting on wednesday.
First we just want to announce that we're officially up and running, so if anyone is thinking about running a workshop please get in touch and we'll help you get it up and running.
Second we're looking for volunteers to help run our stall at Derby Maker Faire on 24th, and projects to display. We will have a power supply but any electronic projects will need to have been pat tested. I'll be putting a post on the google group at some point this week with more info.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:19 PM]
SAFETY Update:
fire extinguisher and two fire blankets ordered for the kitchen

Sophie Wilkinson [8:22 PM]
@geeksareforlife: From the end of this month you will be updating your reporting and financials. All teams need to do this
All teams also have a shared folder on google drive.
@sophierach: you can ask your responsible trustee for help, please do!

Sophie Wilkinson [8:29 PM] 
@msemtd: discussion about inductions, for tools like table saw. Wants to make some form of induction mandatory, such as watching a couple of videos. In an ideal world, an inductor would assess if they were capable of using the tool. Table saw is very dangerous so we need to ensure there is orientation for this. 
@geeksareforlife: trustees and michael have discussed options for this - such as self certification, or proper induction, choice is with @msemtd as he is in charge of safety. 
@msemtd: a page has been produced on the wiki. sign up similar to other tools, direct to wiki page, suggestion of these two videos to watch. ideally an induction should be required for such a dangerous tool.

Sophie Wilkinson [8:40 PM] 
Action: signage on tablesaw to be done by @msemtd

Sophie Wilkinson [8:49 PM] 
Trustee update:
- new lanyards - tours will ONLY be given by people wearing a lanyard which means they are authorised to give tours.
- rules - be ready to think about it at the AGM
- AGM is now booked - we EXPECT as many people as possible to be there - you can proxy yourself to another person from now! Email

Sophie Wilkinson [8:52 PM]
@david_clarke: rule 3 & 6 - a reminder about cleaning up, suggestions about including this when people pick their cards up. people would like more guidance on where the bins are etc etc.
@chunkyhampton: what's happened to cleaning tuesdays?
@katemonkey: nobody turned up.
@geeksareforlife: one of the thoughts would be a Tidying Tuesday - an hour a tuesday would be enough to get things tidy and looking better.
@chunkyhampton: having a regular thing would certainly encourage tidiness
@geeksareforlife: would anyone object to us buying pizza for tidying tuesdays?
@sophierach & @chunkyhampton are going to get the first one set up - one in November as a start.

Sophie Wilkinson [9:01 PM] 

Sophie Wilkinson [9:01 PM]

Sophie Wilkinson [9:02 PM]
PAT testing: 
@david_clarke: we have agreed to get the equipment PAT tested
@geeksareforlife: received a quote for 100 items, £125 for the lot