2017-05-25 Election

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The nomination window is now closed.

The election will start on the 25th May this year and it will run for 7 days. All members, no matter how remote, will be able to vote.

The election will take place electronically using OpaVote.

Our returning officer for this election is Richard Parsons, who will set up and handle the OpaVote system for the election.

You will receive an individual voting email to your HMS registered email address.

These four trustees have reached the end of there term:

  • Ian Dickinson
  • James Hayward
  • Rob Hunt
  • Matt LLoyd

There are four open trustee slots, and the following members have put themselves forward to be trustees.

Photo Nominee
Au nang to pa tong.jpg
Andrew Hood
I was persuaded to seriously consider applying for the position following the recent Sunday "big spring clean" session at which I had the opportunity to meet and informally discuss the operation of the space with longer-standing members and the necessity of additional personnel to support the existing Trustees in the management of the space. My motivation being to assist in making the space a more desirable place for members to frequent.

Having read the Trustee Job Description I’m certain that my skill-set, acquired over 35+ years (30 years as freelance/company director), in the project management, contract and commercial administration of multi-million-pound highway and bridge construction and maintenance projects, would make a valuable contribution to the team’s workload.

Essentially my services are hired to efficiently problem solve and to ensure happens what needs to happen.

Matt Lloyd
As a founding member and long standing trustee Nottingham hackspace has been a huge part of my life from our early start in a pub to the massive space and membership we now have. Over the last two years I have mostly been working on the huge refurb of our new downstairs space and the software teams rewrite of the Hackspace Management System.

As a members and trustee over the past years I have also:

  • Looked after are financial accounts and budgeting.
  • Working on the core infrastructure of the space, from upgrading the electrics to fixing the plumbing.
  • Member of the Network and Servers team, we keep internet working and the websites online.
  • Member of the Instrumentation team, we built Gatekeeper and the tools access RFID systems in the space.
  • Setting up and looking after Metal working area including care of the Myford Lathe, Bridgeport Mill and welding equipment
  • Attending external events in support of promoting Nottinghack, such as Maker Faire and EMF Camp
Ian Dickinson

Since discovering Nottinghack in 2012, I have been an active member of the community and for the last seven months I have also been a trustee.

Some of the things I have been involved with include:

  • Organising and running the popular Introduction to Arduino workshops
  • Representing Nottinghack at various events, includng Derby and Newcastle Maker Faires, and the Green Festival
  • Applying for funding from the Creative Quarter and running the Nottinghack event at Light Night 2016
  • Making a number of parts for Barbot, the Nottinghack automated cocktail bar taken to EMF 2014, 2016 and various other events
  • Doing laser cutter inductions, and regularly maintaining the laser to ensure a high level of availability
  • Building the Rule Zero / Fire Pong game we took to EMF 2016
  • Taking an active role in the membership team, giving tours, setting up cards and dealing with membership emails
  • Organising last year's Crapathon event
  • Helping with many Hack the Space days and the recent /refresh event
  • Making the annoying talking donations box in the comfy area
  • Keeping the electronics areas tidy, and the space in general, including emptying the bins!

None of these things have been done alone, but through my involvement in these activites with others I have helped to make the space a better place and have also made many new friends.

When I joined the space there were around 120 members. We are now over well over 500 members. I have seen many changes, and would very much like to continue to have a role in the running and continued development of Nottinghack.

Lastly I still very much enjoy making things, and want to see the hackspace have the best tools it can.

James taylor trustee photo.jpg
James Taylor
Why I would like to be a trustee:

I have been a member for a few years now and have had a lot of fun so I want to become more involved in returning my time to the hackspace and its members.

I haven't put my name forward before because I was busy in other roles, but my availability is changing so now I can be a more consistently active presence and fully commit to the role of a trustee. I would say I have a fair understanding of the structure and processes in terms of how the Hackspace functions but I also recognize that I would have a very significant amount to learn. To do so I would join some of the teams for which I would become responsible so I can quickly understand what they do and work effectively in them.