2017-11-01 Transcript

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froggy [8:09 PM]

  • Meeting Opens*


  • Events*

Crapathon happened! It was good

[8:09] AGM is coming up on *DECEMBER 12TH*



  • Finance Update*



  • Team Updates*


  • Resources* - had meeting, team is super huge now because they're awesome

[8:10] Starting to work out what we've got

[8:10] Pulling together a list of what we've got and will get


  • Membership*

[8:11] 568 members!


  • Woodwork*

Tablesaw not up yet, but getting there Rearranged the dusty space and it's way better!

[8:13] Looking to add more electrics


  • Hackspace 2.5*

[8:14] Lots of progress in Blue and CNC room

[8:14] Lights are up and running off automation server

[8:14] mains cables has been pulled, plus network cables

[8:14] Next week it'll be punchdown for sockets


  • Suggestion* Mouse - We should have a progress gallery at the AGM showing progress downstairs

[8:16] show off to the wider membership what we've been up to

[8:17] We'll probably set up a Flickr pool for them

[8:17] Was good to take people around on open nights recently, showed the space off


  • AOB*


  • Mouse*

[8:18] The toilets have been getting a bit grim over the last few months - do we need to properly bleach floors/repaint/etc

[8:19] Worth spending some money to make them nice again

froggy [8:24 PM] Could probably do with a plan like the comfy area redo or /refresh

[8:24] tentatively named Nottinghack Reflush