2017-12-06 Transcript

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katemonkey [8:19 PM] Meeting time!

[8:20] Attendees:

[8:20] Russell

[8:20] Bob

[8:20] Vicky

[8:20] Andrew

[8:20] Kate is leading and taking minutes

[8:20] And forgetting everyone's name

[8:21] Big news: AGM is NEXT TUESDAY

[8:21] We need people to be there

[8:23] If you need to have a proxy, answer the email

[8:24] Team Updates:

[8:28] Here's a quick update from the Membership team for November: Membership currently stands at: 575 members (as at 3/12/17) During November there were 13 new members and 8 members became ex-members Emails to membership@nottinghack.org.uk continue to be dealt with quickly, generally within 24 hours. Despite the recent cold weather in recent weeks, Wed Open Nights have continued to bring in a fair number of visitors each week. We also now have a few more members on the membership team, which is a big help especially on Open Nights.

[8:29] Here's a quick update from the Laser team for November: Laser usage in Nov 2017 was: 143 hours, 22 mins, 59 seconds Income generated from this: £422.66 New users inducted in Nov: 10 members Current induction waiting list: 9 members, 6 have been contacted, 3 are still to be contacted (as at 3/12/17) Three new lenses have been purchased, and a new lens was fitted a few weeks ago. This seems to be working well. There were a few issues reported last month: - poor cutting (nozzle was not straight) - extraction not working (extractor was clogged up) - unable to set focus (lens height needed adjustment) - mirror adjuster mechanism found on bed (had working loose) I am pleased to say, all issues were resolved by the team the same day they were reported.

[8:29] Woodworking Team Update: Bob has the FairFX card, if needed.

[8:30] Table saw is operational - well enough to be used, but not to the level they want it to be. Signage is in place, but they want to make the signage bigger and bolder

[8:31] Woodworking team is considering banning pallet wood going through the thicknesser planer and then buying a cheap planer for using with pallet wood

[8:31] Russell asks if there's a metal detector for the nails and stuff

[8:32] Bob says we do, but it doesn't pick up grit, which is really causing the problems

[8:32] Bob suggests posting it to the Google Group about it and seeing what the reaction is

[8:33] Russell points out that a handheld planer would also have its blades wrecked by the pallet wood, but Bob points out they're relatively cheap and it'd be better for the planer

[8:35] Kate suggests: Post to the group about the thicknesser planer banning pallet wood. If people kick off, then have a pledge drive for a handheld planer

[8:35] but only if people complain about the hand manual planers

[8:37] Achievements from Woodworking team: Reskinned the middle bench with lumber that wasn't needed downstairs and redid the radial saw as well

[8:38] General achievement: Windows

[8:38] On one side of the building

[8:39] and not downstairs

[8:39] AOB

[8:39] Missing tools

[8:40] Bob wonders if we had two bosch drills

[8:40] Russell points out we had three

[8:40] Now we have one

[8:40] One Bosch, one double-impact, one 3.6 volt screwdriver.

[8:41] Woodworking is thinking about buying another one, in that we don't need more than two

[8:41] We still have two bosch batteries, so we just need a handset

[8:41] Unrelated note - no one knows how to turn on the lights downstairs.

[8:43] Action on tools: Post on the group with an amnesty for all missing tools, check downstairs thoroughly, then trustees will review

[8:43] Other news: Spray booth

[8:43] We need to remove the electrical point

[8:43] We need to clear it out

[8:43] We might be replacing it

[8:44] It's something the trustees are looking at.

[8:47] One last AOB: Vicky would like it if no one ever donated yarn ever again

[8:47] (we found two more shopping bags)

[8:48] Update on startrite bandsaw - quest for liquid nitrogen still ongoing, but they've found someone who will come to them and do it. ongoing

[8:48] meeting adjourned

[8:48] Yay