2018-01-03 Transcript

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katemonkey [8:04 PM]
Members' Meeting!
Minutes: Kate
Attendees: Bob, Sarah, Froggy, Daniel, Russell, Vicky, Ian, Howard, Jayne, Ulwin
Chairing: Russell

No announcements or events coming up

No problem with the previous minutes

Team Updates:

Laser Team:
Laser usage in December 2017 was: 119 hours, 56 mins, 52 seconds
Income generated:  £350.94
New users inducted: 9 members
Current induction waiting list: 2 members (both of whom have been contacted)

During December we had the following problems with the machine:
- Z micro-switch arm bent, causing the bed to come up too high and the nozzle to plough through the bed
- Issues with the LaserCut not starting up correctly for "LaserUser". This is still not resolved, but a "LaserUser2" account has been created as a workaround
- Intermittent issues with Lasercut not importing DXF files, but generally works on a second attempt, after restarting the application

Membership Team:
Membership currently stands at: 574 members (as at 31/12/17)
During December there were 14 new members and 12 members became ex-members

Open Nights continue to be busy. We even had a few visitors on the one between Christmas and New Year.

Woodworking Team:
Dust extraction to the radial saw now set up
We need a new blade for the radial saw - Bob is sorting

Financial update - waiting for Matt to return
No awareness of impending doom

Hackspace 2.5:
Still building shelves in the members' storage - will be done next Tuesday
After that, they might do their own initiative
Bob: Obvious thing to do after is fitting the doors
Russell: Moving the blue room downstairs might be a good idea
Bob: We need to decide how we're going to do access control through the area
Russell: Where are we on that?
Daniel: We're at the stage where we need to start designing boxes for it, but Matt knows the most about that
Russell: Any help needed for boxes?
Daniel: Maybe. We're not sure what we're doing yet, but we'll work on it.
Bob: What is the plan?
Russell/Daniel: RFID on both ends, in and out,
Bob: The main access will be the back internal door, yes?  We need to mend that door due to the damage from the break-in
Russell: I believe it was a problem with the fitting of the bottom bolt - it needs a piece making for the extension
In all of the doors, there's a narrow door and a wide door - the narrow door has throw bolts, and with that door, the bolt doesn't go down to the floor
But it needs the reinforcement taking off and then it needs to be reinforced properly
Bob: We'll do that next then.
Daniel: What about the laser extraction yet?
Russell: We don't have a full plan yet - we do have someone we'll contact
There are two options - come up and across to join the existing ducting
It goes to the roof (edited)
Or goes through the wall and straight up
Bob: We might need planning permission for that - they may need to be told
That might be a BizSpace issue, though

AOB put onto the agenda by Mouse, but he can't be here tonight.
But we can still discuss it.

Issue about theft of tools and how to deal with it
Ian: More of the tools need to be marked clearly with Nottingham Hackspace
Bob: Is it serious?  I know it's irritating...
Froggy: People knicking expensive drills is a bit serious
Russell: Someone took the refillable bit of the gas blowtorch
Daniel: Could it be that someone chucked it out thinking it was disposable?
Russell agrees
Ian: Do you think people are taking tools to borrow and just not returning them?
Russell: It could be.
Bob: There were two Bosch drills and now there's one
Bob: the Dewalt impact is still here
Kate: Do a message out with a tool amnesty - if you borrowed it, it's okay, just bring it back
Kate: And then spraypaint/engrave everything
Bob: At the same time, though, £200 a year isn't too shocking...
Russell: The knock-on effect is that we're less inclined to buy nicer tools
Froggy: We've also had thefts of money - the laser shop, donatebot, donation tins
Vicky: Is the problem with cameras just that people don't want to be on camera?
Kate: Yep
Bob: Spraypainting and engraving would void warranties
Froggy: do we ever actually look at warranties, though?
Bob: The Woodworking team will then do it - what colour do we use?

Russell: Any other business?
Kate: Spraybooth: We're taken out the extension leads, we've taken out the heaters

Bob: Published the date for the sorting out the sheet storage, but we haven't sent out the email
Can we add in the tool amnesty, post the date, and get it sorted?