2018-02-07 Transcript

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Meeting Minutes 07/02

Roll Call:
Ian: Chair
Last minutes accepted
Actions from last meeting-
Tool marking
Questions remain about how to do it
Templates to spray paint, some tools marked with Hackspace 'H'
Tools Amnesty and Sheet Storage Email still needs to go out
Financial updates not provided
Trustees to discuss
Team updates:
Laser team
Laser usage in January was: 141 hours 44 mins 42 secs
Income generated: £422.96
New users inducted: 9 members
Current induction waiting list: 4 members

Thanks to James Fowkes and Steve Barnet the issues seen with opening DXF files are now resolved, but we are still continuing to get reports of some members having issues with reliability of the laser PC.

Unfortunately one of the hinges has started to crack again. Replacements are on order from China.

We also continue to get issues with the nozzle being knocked. Please can all users be careful when removing work to avoid this or use datum to move the head out of the way first.

Membership team
Membership stands at: 583 members (as at 4 Feb)

During January there were 24 new members and 14 members became ex-members.
HS 2.5
Limited/no progress recently (past few weeks)
From Google Group:
I would like us to set up a working party made up of a couple of trusees plus any interested members to discuss the way forward for Hackspace 2.5. I think that we should review the short term objectives for getting the space downstairs used; and the method of working to achieve that objective. I think that if we moved the Denford, mini mill, mini lathe, CNC router, all the welding gear, the bicycle stuff and the bike racks, and the donation shelves, downstairs then we could significantly improve upstairs. The main hurdle is access control however with some short term change to the original plans and a move away from a Tuesday night linear aproach to the work I think this could be acieved in 3 months.  I will be at the meeting tonight,

Bob Wood
How to speed up progress - party material/sequence preventing faster progress
If we had teams allocated different tasks/responsibilities it may help multiple tasks to make progress alongside one another
Access control becomes a potential issue
Resolving access control may allow bike, donations, storage as well as potentially some of the heavy equipment from the metalworking area
Issue raised about whether moving some equipment e.g. welding downstairs would take that equipment out of action
Technical question about immediate/short-term availability of three-phase power for welders if moved downstairs
If clean CNC room progress was accelerated, equipment moved down there and access controls sorted could allow some benefits to members
Potential issue around grinders/welders and sequence of move downstairs with electricity/lighting
Issues of flooring downstairs may impact work sequence for electricity to permit moving welding/other equipment downstairs
Essentially concern being raised is about flexibility/inflexibility of work sequence
And access control
Gatekeeper downstairs could open up more opportunities for teams or hackspace 2.5 workgroup to make more progress
Some equipment that is due to move downstairs frees up space for neighbouring spaces seeking to expand
i.e blue room move allows improvements to craft space
but laser move does not necessarily facilitate as easy expansion of any neighbouring space and creates issues for work sequence in terms of ventilation fr downstairs
Gatekeeper progress is reliant on hardware, physicals locks/enclosure rather than digital
Trustees to propose dates for working group, getting people involved from within 2.5 working group and google groups
Getting spaces open and allowing easier access for members downstairs would reassure members from some of whose perspective the progress appears stagnated
Additionally lots of people on membership tours ask about 2.5
Ian to get a meeting organised, newsletter to be sent with 2.5 update
Item from Froggy:
Might not be at the meeting, but I'd be in favour of just binning the donation shelves. They just attract crap and end up being a dump.
MIxed views expressed about donations area
Signage required to clearly indicate types of items that are donated regularly but are not wanted
Suggestion to move donations area downstairs
Updates to members guide
(Not updates since July last year)
Large(r) project storage question discussed by members
Very heavy therefore possibly not suitable for large projects storage
Consensus at meeting that it is fine as not anticipated to be long term
But told to post on google group so anyone who may have a particular objection/comment can raise it
Active projects rarely an issue, inactive projects are problematic
Suggestion to give questionnaire to members whose membership lapses/who leave
External factors such as parking/season likely to impact member growth/turnover
Would be interesing and useful to know why members leaving do so (whether they are moving away from the area/specific issues/value?)
Some very simple tasks e.g. turning off the lights discussed as things that need updating/adding to members guide
PAT testing/safety inspection
safety inspection raised some issues of varying priority to be addressed
No other business