2018-03-07 Transcript

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Adam Froggatt [8:30 PM]
Alex, Tom, Ali, Matt, Vicky, Froggy, a few others
*Actions and minutes from last meeting*
Tool marking - no progression yet (update from Bob), no good method for everything found yet
Sheet storage & tools amnesty - not actioned, this one is on the trustees
Will be discussed as soon as so it can go out
No other actions aware of

Matt Lloyd [8:32 PM]

Adam Froggatt [8:32 PM]
We bought some heaters
And a really big heater
Renewed TV licence
Big heater will be on a timer
Heaters keep being left on - turn things off when you leave
Has been discovered early morning way too hot due to heaters being left on
*Team Updates*
586 members
11 new last month, lost 9
110 hours of laser usage
6 new inductions
A few remaining
All are set
Laser hinges have been replaced
New bed has been installed - old bed was banged up and there was a small fire
Further people have joined the laser team to help with inductions and maintenance
Yesterday the hardboard in the blue room went down and half of the carpet tiles
Some of the members storage shelves need a tweak, this is in progress by Steve
Alex and Bob continued in the classroom
Next week is another update video, featuring the lovely Howard
Door access is the next biggy
RFID needed the laser working, so that can be progressed
CNC layout also planned
@russellh discussed extraction with someone - he needs to update for the 2.5 crew
Wood bandsaw - the green one. Out of action for over a year now, dependent on Matt and Russell currently
Bob - frustrations that we've not got a good bandsaw right now
Needed the LN2 for only about three months - due to AGM and other things it's slid
Matt will ring the LN2 company tomorrow, liaise with the woodwork team
Question in the room - Can Trustees start doing the general updates again? See: https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Trustee_Updates
*Safety Team* sliding in last minute
Apparently fire and H&S audits were meant to have been communicated out to members - apparently requested by the company
Needs dropping onto the wiki - action taken in room by Alex (edited)
Safety team will put together additional shopping list, card will be issued and funds added

Adam Froggatt [9:01 PM]
*Meeting Ends*