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katemonkey [8:11 PM]
FINALLY.  Meeting time
Roll call:
Matt Lloyd (chair)
James F
James B
Tom K
Kate taking minutes
Announcements and events:
Arduino workshop on May 26
On the website
Trustee elections coming up
Nomination window in 3 weeks time
make sure your email is up to date
Three trustees will need to be voted in
Action list is out of date
Action for trustees - put meeting minutes on wiki and update action list
Financial update
We have money in the bank

dpslwk [8:14 PM]

katemonkey [8:15 PM]
We have about £15,000 in the bank, and we deposited around £2,000 in petty cash
BizSpace have forgotten to take £1000 out of our account last month, but they just have bad invoicing at the moment, so it will be collected
No real large expenses in the last month

jjb [8:16 PM]
joined #meetingminutes.

katemonkey [8:16 PM]
There's an accounting error between fairfx cards and records, so we just need to track down records
arduino workshop brought in £340
BizSpace wanted to increase the rent by 20%
Normally it's 2-3%
The trustees are negotiating the rate
downstairs is fixed increase-wise, it's just upstairs
BizSpace is saying "they are heavily investing in the building", according to the head office.
Trustees are working on it, but prices will go up.
So if there's the possibility of increasing your membership fees, every little helps
Team updates
Woodworking Team:
Woodworking team.
Update possibly spans a couple on months
Five more planer inductions done (Thanks Bob), we now have a down draft table, cutesy of a donation from Ian. We have put lockable caster dolly on the planner to move it around more easily, new exhaust duct to the table saw base, moved the mini lathe and mill to the area near the rear door, we rationalized and part cleared the donations and cycle storage area to accommodate. We commissioned the sharpening stone, it’s a WIP as it still needs some parts, but is OK to use.
As the bearings were worn and the chuck was vibrating in the old one, We also moved and exchanged the drill press for one previously acquired and discovered in storage. Fitted a new blade to the RAS which is less “grabby” due to lower hook angle on the teeth and sharpness.

The Lathe center has been replaced by matingslinkys (sorry not sure from the handle in slack the who exactly to thank) Russel also acquired another set of chisels from auction, new carbide tips are being acquired for the other set, which became chipped (due to grit in the bark of "raw" tree wood we think).

The dusty area is becoming congested we have plans to extend it up to the metal work partition but is dependent on Trustees moving to open up parts of 2.5 for bike storage
Bob has also submitted plans to redo the floor in the kitchen which are approved but waiting on trustees to provide the vinyl. normally at auction as good quality stuff comes up frequently at significant discount, once everything needed is acquired we will be looking for volunteers to help clear, lay some board and vinyl flooring, possibly a splash of emulsion on the walls.

We have looked a spraying on a hackpace "H" on portable tools, using a laser-cut out template and a can of spray paint, so far due to the nature of the typography of the H this has only resulted in a square blob, so either we will try with a stick on template from the vinyl cutter or go off-brand with a more regular "H" (or Both). any good ideas speak with Andrew W.

The Startrite band-saw repair is still waiting for trustees.
We would like to initiate clear out of the panel storage area and general ad-hock storage in the workshop, the Panel storage is particularly particularity unruly,
bandsaw - Matt is chasing up the liquid nitrogen guy
Laser team:
Laser team
Laser usage in March was: 156 hours 25 mins 19 secs
Income generated: £454.88
New users inducted: 7 members
Current induction waiting list: 2 members (both have been contacted)

The old bed has now been steam cleaned at the car wash over the road, but still needs a some of the remaining debris poking out of the honeycomb.
The car wash are happy to clean the new bed once a month for £10.  Whilst it's been cleaned, we will use the old bed.
Robert Nixdorf, who works for Smoke and Mirrors, has also joined the maintenance team.
Membership Team:
Membership team
Membership stands at: 591 members (as at 1st April)
During March there were 17 new members and 12 members became ex-members.

iandickinson [8:23 PM]
Electronics update
Small refresh of the area two new Weicon No 5 Strippers on order, replaced side cutters and soldering iron tips on the way as some of the iorns not transferring solder very well even after cleaning, sponge replaced in each iron.
some heat shrink to be  donated (few M of small sizes) when it turns up .

katemonkey [8:23 PM]
Comms team:
Leah did amazing work as the Facebook manager, but has now left.
James F says he can take over
Action to Matt: update email lists for all the teams (edited)
Hackspace 2.5:
Shelves have been reworked
carpet edging strips down
team storage doors now fitted and needs a lock
Access control/Gatekeeper needs doing
Trustees have approved the expenditure for the laser materials to make the housing
Matt's been ordering the electronics to go in
All in hand
Bob talked to Ian about the in-between door and the key lock that has appeared
It's a coded lock to provide access to the Flamenco Studio.
We could use it as an emergency exit, but it wouldn't be an entry point for the Hackspace
We're not 100% certain what they're going to do with the doors for the studio, but we will double-check and we already have multiple exits
Bob: The next major job we should be costing up is the metal door
We can't make sensible use of the space downstairs until that door is sorted out
This is the door that will be the main entrance
It will be a major piece of work that will cost, but it should be next
Matt:  It's a toss-up between that and the stairs
Matt: We do have access downstairs from the far-end door
Bob: But that's such a distance from the front door up here
Matt: Something for the trustees to scope out and cost up
James F: What's the problem with it?
Bob: It's a big door that swings out and stays open, which is a problem with it being the main door
Matt: It should be a main door with a rolled shutter, which requires contractors and planning and everything
Ali: If it's an outside door, shouldn't BizSpace be contributing?
Matt: From their point of view, it's good and secure and any normal tenant would be fine with it as normal access
discussion about the door and what a pain it is at the moment

iandickinson [8:34 PM]
Smoke & Mirrors have done a performance test on the laser tube this evening. It’s output is at 95W, which is like new!

katemonkey [8:34 PM]
Kate wants to make a wunderkammer for EMF Camp - a cabinet of curiosities
Everyone gets a drawer, makes something that goes in it, and then people can look at it
Kate'll set up the wiki page, and if you want to participate, see the Google group post
Bob: Other business - do we have a working printer?
James F: Kinda.  The printer printed things out in pale blue (edited)
It's the cartridges, not the printers.
Matt: A general set of cartridges is like £2000.  We got knockoff cartridges but it's hit and miss with those
Each of the printers do work, they just have specific uses and we need more toner
The Resources team have been asked, but there doesn't seem to be active members in the team at the moment.
Matt'll order them and get them delivered and sorted
Meeting Over