2018-05-02 Transcript

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iandickinson [8:02 PM]
*Members Meeting*
Chair: Froggy
Minutes: Ian D
Roll call: Bob W, Alex M, Robert N, Kate, Daniel, Matt L, Phil, Russell, Froggy, Toby

*Announcements and Events*
We have a Trustee Election
Nominations are currently open
Arduino workshop on 26 May
EMF is at end of Sept, will have a Nottinghack village
Toby needs a 3 phase supply for his project ????
Green Festival in Sept
Hazel joins meeting

*Actions from previous meeting* (edited)
Tool marking - still in progress
Sheet storage still needs sorting out

*Finance update*
Matt working on this
We got caught up in the TSB banking issues for a couple of weeks (edited)

*Team updates*
Membership at 600, new 21, lost 12
Laser 6 inducted, 172 hrs 47 mins 49 secs of usage
Woodworking 1 planer/thickness. Sander bearings fixed.
Hand planner is missing. Not seen for 2 weeks.
Could it be downstairs?
Metalworking has got liquid nitrogen. Bandsaw repair progressing.
Safety: The team (Alex) is now back. Has some items (fire ext signs / brackets) to purchase. Will email trustees.
Metalwork: Lathe induction waiting list reducing

*2.5 update*
Looking good. Architraves fitted last night
Grinding room being worked on
Question: Could we open up the blocked up door at the bottom of the spiral staircase?
Could be lower cost way to get initial access to downstairs
Will need permission from Bizspace. Trustees to discuss first and follow up.

Bizspace have changed their mind on the rent increase and have reverted to a 20% increase from 1st June
New fee for first floor quoted at £1645 + VAT per month (edited)
Trustees will be having meeting after this to discuss response.
An email is also being prepared to members asking them to review membership payments
Toby may also start a crypto currency to raise money
There has been an issue with the supply of toilet rolls recently.
Alex M will do additional Makro run as needed
Phil offered to help with Safety team
Swindon Makerspace have asked if we are interest in joining a Hackspace go-cart race. Electric possibly. Alex to post on Google Group and start slack channel
GDPR - Kate looking into what we need to do to comply
For the newsletter we are OK, as people have already opted in.
We may need to clear out some old details form HMS for people who didn't actually join
Finances are now on the wiki

dpslwk [8:39 PM]

iandickinson [8:42 PM]
*Meeting closed*