2018-06-06 Transcript

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jadams23 [9:56 PM]
*Members Meeting*
Chair: Russell H
Minutes: James A
Roll call: Syed H, Robert N, , Daniel, Matt L, Toby, Ali, Ali, Bob W
Announcements and Events
2018 elections have completed

James A and Ali are new trustees and Russell has been re-elected.
Russell thanked the departing trustees Kate and Froggy and wish them the best in their future endeavours
Asset marking equipment has been discussed in trying to prevent crime. James A was aware of the convocation regarding this. It was suggested that a metal asset tag with barcode so allow for PAT testing to occur and keep a log. Pricing is being sought.
Finance update
Matt to publish these when they are ready.
Team Updates
Membership at 609
Teams have been running low on members due to a loss including snackspace and membership. Syed raised an idea to have every member opt into jobs within the space. Russell mentioned that due to the existing membership this would be very difficult to get this. Daniel also pointed out that we have several members who pay as a donation.
Syed mentioned that he would like to see more events occurring. Mentioning presentations mentioning that we have a Arduino workshops. We are looking to do more and and trustees are aware of this.
Bob W raised about maintenance and looking to doing cleaning. Said that it has been awhile since a weekend deep clean has been completed.
No other team members present
HS 2.5    
It’s been lacking behind with only a few jobs left to complete. We are aware that there are only a few regulars but we are so close to releasing to the teams. There have been suggestions that we can have a weekend to complete the final part of 2.5. A date will be considered soon.
Bizspace increase is still an ongoing issue in regard to licence or lease. Trustees are looking at getting in expert advise and hopefully try and get this rectified soon. We are worried that they could do the same next year so are working towards.

END OF Meeting