2018-10-03 Transcript

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Matt Lloyd [7:50 PM]
Members Meeting 3/10/18

Matt Lloyd [8:01 PM]
Roll Call: James T (Chair), Matt L( minutes), James A, Daneil, Hazel, Kate, James B, Callum, Michael E, Russell H, Bob W, Jack, Steve, Ali
Events: Greenfest, metalwork induction day, HS2.5 replanning day all happened in past month
GreeenFest generated ~£67
Metalworking induction, good but slower than thought, going to be scheduled again
HS2.5 replanning: Laser is not moving down, look at plans to move electronics.  best to go look at Mikes Mind map for more info
First meeting in the new blue room downstairs
Scheduled planning meeting for 2.5 will happen every second Tuesday.
*Finance Team* https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Financials_July_2018 https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Financials_August_2018 https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Financials_September_2018
*Team Updates*
Laser: its staying upstairs, no one present
Woodwork: working on sheet storage, not many people removed stuff from the request, need to notify member that stuff has been moved downstairs and that some may soon be chucked

Callum Mulligan [8:13 PM]
joined #meetingminutes.

Matt Lloyd [8:14 PM]
request to remind members about rules for storage and large projects
Membership: usual call for more volunteers
Sackspace: new can vending machine is now up and running
call for more volunteers
Events: Crapathon coming up
*Hackspace 2.5 Update*
CNC mill, lathe and 3d Printer have moved, Blue rooms has mostly moved down
rfid access is working both ends fo G4 and G5
now need to start paying business rates on units G4 and G5
no AOB
*Meeting ends*