2018-11-22 AGM Agenda/Special Resolution: General Meetings

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This proposal is to tidy up section 2 of the Constitution, make EGM and AGMs a bit clearer and make it more obvious that members can request items on AGM agendas.

Change section 2 title to “General Meetings”.

 Move 2.2 -> 2.6
 Move 2.3 -> 2.7, and change to “An EGM should only have one item on its agenda, but can have multiple items if they are closely related”
 Move 2.4 -> 2.8, and change to “All members must be given notice of an EGM as per sections 1.113 - 1.121 of Nottinghack's Articles.”
 Add: “2.9 The agenda for the EGM must be sent at the same time as notice is given.”

 Add: “2.2 All members must be given 28 Clear Days notice of an AGM. Notice is specified in 1.115 – 1.117 of Nottinghack’s Articles”
 Add: “2.3 The Trustees will invite submissions for the AGM agenda when notice is given. Members will have 14 days to submit items.”
   Add: “2.3.1 The Trustees will consider all submissions and group into three categories: AGM, Member’s Meeting, Unsuitable.”
   Add: “2.3.2 The Agenda will be sent to all members at least 7 Clear Days before the AGM.”
   Add: “2.3.3 All submitted items categorised as AGM must be included on the agenda”
   Add: “2.3.4 With the agenda, the Trustees will also notify all members of all submitted items and how they have been categorised.”

 Move 2.5 -> 2,4
 Move 2.6 -> 2.5
 Move 2.7 -> 2.6

Add to definitions:

 Clear Days means (in relation to the period of a notice) that period excluding the day when the notice is given or deemed to be given and the day for which it is given or on which it is to take effect;