2018-11-22 AGM Agenda/Special Resolution: Trustee Terms and Elections

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This proposed change to the Constitution is to limit the consecutive terms that a trustee can have. The reasoning behind this is to allow perspective and thinking time for trustees.

 Change: “1.3 Trustees are limited to two consecutive terms”
 Add: “1.3.1 Historical trustees may stand again for election after a year of not being a trustee”

 Change “5.5.3 The number of nominations must be at least one above the number of open positions”
 Change “5.5.4 If an insufficient number of nominations are received during the window, the current nominations will be made public and a new nomination window announced.”
 Change “5.5.5 If there remains an insufficient number of nominations after the second window, the Trustees should engage with the membership and wider Hackspace community. During this consultation, the Hackspace should be closed for normal activities.”