2019-01-02 Transcript

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jadams23 [7:59 PM]
*Members Meeting - Jan 2018*

jadams23 [8:01 PM]
*Roll Call:* Chair: Ian D Attending: Daniel, Dan, Mike, Ali, KJ, Paul, Sophie, James B, James A, Bob W, Stuart, Steve

jadams23 [8:08 PM]
*Announcement & Events:* AGM 2018 Redo -  26th January , Hack the Space Weekend - 8th to 10th plus MPs from Nottingham may be attending soon.

jadams23 [8:08 PM]
*Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting*

*Finance Team, incl Financial Update*

Woodworking - Sander has now no longer working and will need to be replaced. £120 would be required to replace it.

iandickinson [8:13 PM]
Correction: AGM re run is Thur 24 Jan.

jadams23 [8:15 PM]
We also have the opportunity for ordering at toolstation - will be discussion with wood working team

jadams23 [8:16 PM]
LPS: There are posters around the space and there is a timeframe where this will need to be cleared before the weekend when a new system will be built.

iandickinson [8:17 PM]
Malcom and Russell also present.
Andrew W joins meeting.

jadams23 [8:19 PM]
Looking at an 'Amazon Style' Locker where it will be either tied to your RFID - Or some sort of solution
When LPS has been cleared we are interested to see what is left and how many users are using the system correctly
Russell doesn't like the idea of payment as it could split the membership

jadams23 [8:36 PM]
Bob W has mentioned about the furniture - A rule change may be needed - James A has been in contact with the member and recommended to be removed.

MetalWorking - New motor for lathe and controller has arrived
Lathe should be repaired soon
HS 2.5

jadams23 [8:54 PM]
Ground to a halt - RFID is needed on the door - cable trays have been ordered - electronic shelves need to be done
Back Door RFID is more of a prioirty

sophierach [9:01 PM]
Large amounts of discussion is not being minuted.

iandickinson [9:06 PM]
Fire extinguishers are out of date. - Trustees to follow up.
Doggy day care - Ava will follow up with relevant authorities re odours
Andrew W suggest AGM quorum level may be better reduced to around 60 members.
kJ suggests tick box on joining if want to be AGM voter

*Meeting closed*

taloga [9:40 PM]
replied to a thread:  {re roll call}
and Ava Firth