2019-02-06 Transcript

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iandickinson [8:00 PM]
*Members meeting - 6 Feb 2019*

*Present:* Steve, James T(chair, standing in for Andrew H), Ian D (minutes, standing in for Russell), Dan S, Matt L, Ali SG, Ali M, Michael E, Ava, Bob W James A, Reece

*Announcements and events*
AGM done, resolutions passed.

Hack the space weekend - this Fri 7pm to 7pm Sun, closed to normal project work, task list on wiki
See details: https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Hack_the_Space_Days/8th-10th_Feb_2019
Arduino workshop on 2 March, Strandbeest workshop on 24 Feb

*Actions* - none
Ava still following up the doggie day car smells

Matt working on updates

Mike H taken over snackspace, doing a good job
Safety doing PAT testing this weekend
Network - various updates done
Woodworking - one sander not working, bandsaw sorted out, has money to fix other items
Laser - has new fans in chiller, much quieter
Engraver - Josh arranging collection

Hazel, Callum, Tom & guest join

Large project storage - Will be re-organised after the hack the space weekend, and new processes will be introduced

*2.5 update*
More cable trays installed, network being extended, more work being done over the weekend

Bob W - now cable trays installed, can access control be put on next door?
Matt L - it's on the plan on the wiki
After RFID, will be working on class room ceiling, electrics and carpet
Bob W - keen to move bicycles downstairs, did mention at 2.5 re-planning meeting. Can the outer door be RFID enabled?
Matt L - custom RFID development for outer door will follow RFID on other doors
Bob W - Once bicycles are out of upstairs, will be easier to re-organise upstairs
Bob W - concerned working on classroom ceiling may delay other more urgent activities
Bob W - could we start to prepare a place for bicycles next Tue?
Matt - OK with Bob starting on this. Ali has been sorting the sheet materials.
Matt -Lots of jobs need doing.
Bob W - keen to make upstairs better, as soon as possible
James A - we will be planning another hack the space weekend
Bob W - 2.5 meeting needs more promotion
James A & James T - happy to help promote

Ava - Ask about comms, wiki, slack, google group. Have we got info in too many places?
Hazel - Explains purpose of various channels
James T / Matt - Wiki for more permanent, longer term records. Slack for short term, instant comms
James A - another email about the hack the space weekend going out soon
Dan - slack doesn't have an archive. messages lost after 10,000

Dan & Tom  - interested in bringing in the CNC machine offered on the wiki
James A  - need more info on how long it is available for
Matt L - some concerns about long term loans, breakages, modifications, inductions   - there is a form to complete
James A - Asks Dan/Tom if can get more information about it
Bob W - Would be good to have it, but needs to be for at least a year, and could go in the class room along with the engraving machine
Bob W - could be years before classroom is ready for use
Bob W - needs lighting, but doesn't need suspended ceiling, just space
Matt - want to be able to hire out the classroom and use for own workshops, also interest from others, e.g. recent request from comics group
Bob W - happy to help move machine, when ready to ready the classroom
Hazel - Does the member just want us to store the tool?
Callum - Need to wait until we have the necessary info to make an informed decision.
Action: Dan to try to get more info.

Dan - Can we set a date now for the next hack the space weekend, so we can let people attending know?
Matt - may be next weekend of floor not done!
James A - format may change, no of days, will figure out as we go

Dan - do we ever do maker faires
Ian - Yes, we have in the past
Hazel - would be good to do more, get more engagement in the local area

Ava - do we have a hackspace calendar?
Ian - Yes, google calendar, see web site

Bob W - Asks about sale of sheet materials, and lack of response from Trustees?
Ian - Apologises for lack of response, but Ali and Matt have been working on contacting members about the materials

Matt - What is cost of bobbin sander?
Bob W - not comfortable with small groups doing pledge drives, better if more people involved
James A - money from sale could be used to seed the materials shop
Matt - Points out that legally we may need to give money from the sales back to the original owners
Bob W - new Bobin sander would be circa £450 to £500, could be cheaper on eBay
Matt - could put a proposal to the trustees, to say request 50% funding
Hazel - would like to know more about the bobbin sander, could Bob post to the google group?

Callum - what are the plans for restarting the materials shop?
James A - had suggestion from a member to restart using "donated" materials from stuff left behind

Callum - What's happening with the volunteer coordinator role?
James A - Other than posting on the Google Group. nothing further has happened
Callum - Happy to help with re-writing requirements
James A - James H has expressed interest in the role

Bob W - Would like the Trustees to ask Bizspace to request more bins, as often full and can't empty our rubbish

*Meeting closed*