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Ali [8:01 PM]
Members Meeting 5th June

Chair: James A

Minutes: Ali G

Attending: Ali, Bob, Derek, Eddie, Mark, Mark, Samathy, Daniel, Matt, Russell

Announcements: Green Fest coming up. New Trustees!

New Trustees: Eddie - bringing spirit and community, alongside marketing. Samathy - bringing new, exciting experiences of life. Mark - Seeing new opportunities, bringing new skills to the team. Dan - bringing time and exciting plans for workshops!

Rent update: Lease has been signed! Awaiting the solicitor to give the nod that everything has gone through.

Security of tenure has been agreed by Bizspace

Woodworking - Nothing to report

Events - Pyrography workshop has been booked. 6 tickets sold, 6 more attendants needed.

Inquiries have been sent to a leather working tutor for a possible workshop, costs need to be worked out to see if it's viable. (edited) 

Snackspace - Sorry for the lack of coke, normal service to resume now new keys have been organised.

2.5 keys are missing, please keep an eye out around the space incase they turn up.

Trustee handover was successful. All now raring to go.

Discussions around changing the Snackspace credit from 20 to zero to help gather in some of the outstanding credit.

Could there be a rolling reduction, bringing the credit amount down slowly.

Mark suggests it should be zero.

261 Current members owe #2105 pounds collectively, 79 ex members owe 459 pounds collectively

Bob suggests reducing it to #3 credit

... sorry about # no pound sign

Matt originally suggested lowering the credit to #2.50

This remaining credit would allow for laser induction time.

The credit could be automatically given as laser time, rather than credit for snackspace etc

New members could be given 60 minutes of laser time, rather than #3

This could encourage new members to try the laser

Derek, new member was gobsmacked he had received #20 credit on his card.

Could put a message on the HMS booking system, notifying members that the limit will be changing.

James thinks a new coin mechanism might be needed for the coin acceptor. A card machine is available when a trustee is in the space to pay off snackspace online.

Any charges on the card machine payments will be absorbed by Hackspace. Matt is planning on adding online credit card payments to HMS 2.0 as an early additional.

Matt is taking the position of on going Treasurer

AOB: Open day - members including Ali have began making things to swap for donations at the open day.

20th July 11am - 4pm is the open day - posters have started to be distributed.

Ax [8:35 PM]
I've designed up a token with the Hackspace logo which will used on the 3D Printer I'll be dragging along to the open day. I'll probably end up with a load of them to give out..

Ali [8:35 PM]
Laser card is available for use on items being made for the open day.

Sounds great @Ax :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a folder on Jarvis for anyone wanting to add designs to be shared and cut on the day.

Tickets for future events will be available to buy on the day.

Raffle donations would be fab.

Cosplay / prop makers would be a great addition to the day.

A book press is to be donated to the space.

Mike would like to run an event in the classroom - 'how to get on with people without upsetting anyone'

Great work on getting the classroom finished, many thanks to all who helped out.

Anyone considering running events at the space (not just for open day) please get in touch.

Ax [8:43 PM]
Still working on the 3D Printing workshop I mentioned in last month's meeting..

Ali [8:43 PM]
There has been a #350 pm increase in month, so any extra revenue would be greatly received.

Thanks again @Ax

Meeting CLOSED!


Meeting drawing by Mike Haber