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DanS [7:59 PM]
Members Meeting 3rd July
Chair: Ali
Minutes: Dan
Attending: Ian, Bob W, Ali, Robbie, Matt L, Daniel, Dan S, Jamie, Ali (Trustee), John, Russell, Eddie

Announcements & Events
Open day soon
Ian wants a cleaning day Sunday 14th potentially
Sunday 14th confirmed
Lots of Events annnounced
Bat box - Lots of people willing to help
Pyrography - 8 tickets sold
Metalworking cleanup event this saturday. Robbie want to do an organise and cleanup to get the area back to a useable state
particularly worried about scrap pile that is falling in front of the fire escape
Looking for people to commit to a regular clean-up session
Sarah H arrives

*Action: Poster next to the DNH label generator that reinforces the 3 month audit rule*

Jamie and Robbie volunteer to do the audits once a month when the labels change :slightly_smiling_face:
Woodwork tool marking is still an action but it isn't priority. The action arose as things were vanishing from the woodworking area, doesn't seem to be too much of a problem now
Things that tend to go missing are stanley knifes and measuring tapes
Should we put stanley knifes in the vending machine?

*Action: Take tool marking action off the action list*

dpslwk [8:16 PM]

DanS [8:16 PM]
We need more money
We need to stop spending as much money
It looks like we currently we have 4-6 months
Bizspace were not collecting rent properly over the last few months which has further confused things
The lease arrangement is currently with bizspace. Lawyers fees have been considerable over the last couple of months
Trustees are drafting an email to all members regarding the money situation
Workshops and Events are fantastic, we need to run as many as we can
Lathe and Bridgeport inductions might bring in a little bit of cash
There is a member who has just completed an apprenticeship who would like to run inductions
The pool of inductors for metalworking inductions is very small
Lots of talk about inductions and the difference between an induction and training
The long and short of it seems to be that the system isn't broken, its just that aren't enough inductors
Money from inductions:
May £60
June £105
Not going to be the solution to our money problems but is a nice bit of extra cash
Its been noticed that this year there have been less students requesting laser inductions
Snackspace credit limit is going to £0

dpslwk [8:34 PM]
Snackspace debt as of Wed Jul 03 2019 00:00:01 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Total Debt: -£2,395.14
Current Members: -£1,902.70
Ex Members: -£479.84

Total Credit: £1,326.21
Current Members: £1,009.32
Ex Members: £316.89

DanS [8:35 PM]
We're unlikely to get the money from Ex-members back but the steps taken will hopefully limit this growing
It may be easier to recall the money when HMS 2.0 launches

_Team Updates_

- Radial Arm Saw is broken. Rise and fall mechanism is broken. Spares are not available as the saw is so old
Should we buy a new one or get rid of it?
Bob has bid for one and lost it once
Bob's gut feeling is that the tool is occasionally useful
We should take it apart and see if it can be fixed
The tool was a donation anyway so no loss to us

A couple more maintainers have stepped up :tada:
Eddie and Adam
The laser PC has been found a couple of times with the power set above 65
*Action: Poster in the laser area to remind people not to set the power above 65*
*Action: Email to all laser user*

Downstairs is potentially going to be locked down depending on where Matt & Daniel are sitting

Cleanup day this saturday
Stick welder is getting in the way and causing a trip hazard. People are not putting it away and changing plugs over
Bin situation is bad in metalworking
*Action: Swap a bin with woodworking round bin*
*Action: Buy a swarf bin*

We need a table for the screen printing equipment
The exposure unit table was robbed for Mending the new event
its now in the classroom
Possibly we could use the wooden bench where the sewing machines were
Sarah bought blackout fabric
General shortage of tables
The universities have a mailing list
giving out free furniture
*Action: Lex and Samathy to follow up getting us on this list*

Green festival would like a speaker from the Hackspace
They want us to talk about the Hackspace.
Samathy will be happy to do this but we should still ask the wider membership
Last year we had a Hack-a-Duck activity and a roulette wheel
Google Group
- Do people see it?
- The view count seems quite low
- Lots of people see it via direct email so the numbers don't necessarily reflect reality
*Action: We need a newsletter!*

DanS [9:15 PM]
Crapathon: Ali is going to contact winners from last year
Eddie is going to contact Kate about Haloween party

dpslwk [9:16 PM]

DanS [9:17 PM]
Ali is going to test a few things out and potentially run an event soonish
Ian and James will be probably be running an arduino workshop :slightly_smiling_face:
Meeting Closed