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Meeting Drawing by Mike H


==Members Meeting 2nd October 2019==

===Roll call:===
  William S, Martin, Dominic, Mike, Matt, Samathy, Russell, James S, Andrew A, Mark, Bob W, Ali M, Dan S
  - Anyone on slack?
  - Discussion happening about Jaffa Cakes

 gsuberland 8:08 PM
 Yes, me
 Graham Sutherland if you need to record the name

 DanS 8:09 PM
===Announcements & Events===

 alexmann 8:09 PM
 I'm lurking but will likely not contribute much

 gsuberland 8:09 PM
 I'm just vaguely paying attention to minutes though, while out drinking, so don't feel like you need to stop for any input from me.

 DanS 8:10 PM
 - Dominic is now a trustee, Welcome!

 gsuberland 8:10 PM
 Glad Dom is back on the scene.
 Dominic* sorry forgot he doesn't like the shortened version

 DanS 8:11 PM
====Nottingham Green Festival====
 - Weather was excellent
 - Spoke to loads of people but didn't result in lots of foot traffic the week after
 - Dominics talk was good & well attended!
 - Its good to have visibility in the community!
 - Overall a success! Well done everyone that took part

 - Really well attended
 - Excellent vibes in the space
 - Toby & Rob's terrorchild won!
 - 9 or 10 teams competing & the whole place was full!

 gsuberland 8:14 PM

 DanS 8:14 PM
 - Should we run it more than once a year.
 - Perhaps we can run a show and tell?
 - Ali would like to run something adventurous over a weekend
 - Rube Goldberg event? We ran one back when nottinghack was very new
 - Perhaps we could run it at an external event?
 - Derby makers did a what-if machine
 - The Great British Hack off? @maq
 - Dominic mentions an ikea furniture construction race!
 - Discussion on if we should use instructions or not
 - @maq & @Dominic Morrow are going to have a chat about activities for next years green fest. @russellh might be able to arrange more space if we have an activity

 moop 8:23 PM
 is also watching along on Slack

 DanS 8:24 PM
 - When: 3rd Decemember 2019
 - Where: Antenna
 - We are keen to get as many members there as possible
 - Please talk to as many people as you can and ask them to come
 - We are working on making the meeting interesting, it will be well chaired and will be an awesome event
 - Trustees will put out a request for agenda items closer to the time
 - @Andrew Armstrong will make a cake for all 700 members

===Actions & Minutes from last meeting===
 - All agreed they are acceptable

====Leaking tap in the bathroom====
 - Still leaking

 - The first newsletter went out last month
 - We still need story submissions for the next newsletter. Do we have any members who are journalists?

 - There's an event in the calendar

===Team Updates===

====3D Printing====
 - The RFID reader for the SLA has been completed
 - @dave.s SLA station is underway

 - Need to get some more stories from newsletter
 - @maq is going to ask Toby for the list of entries
 - Facebook and Twitter are plodding along

====Craft/ Textiles====
 - @iandickinson & @robosquid fixed the embroidery machine

 - The electronics area is pretty messy
 - @Samathy Barratt has been tidying up the area and has joined the electronics team :slightly_smiling_face:
 - Could do with other people looking after the area too
 - The trustees are looking at ways to empower people to tidy up

 - Laser area is changing and is currently a WIP
 - Bizspace have been doing lots of work on the electronics in the space

 William Shakour 8:40 PM
 joined #meetingminutes.

 DanS 8:40 PM
 - They are going to be doing some planned power outages
 - @dpslwk is liaising with the engineers as they test the upstairs electronics
 - We are unsure who is responsible for the fixes if they are required. We will deal with it as & when it happens
 - Downstairs should be ok
 - Once Matt knows about the electrical work dates he post everywhere
 - William mentions some work has been done on the back door autocloser
 - Nico has fixed the Oven and the water heater!

 - @iandickinson is working on making a new machine for the second laser
 - @bobw Would like a printer upstairs
 - @Mr. Flibble is going to bring in a windows PC

 - Could do with some more volunteers on the membership team
 - Today was a bit of a cobbled together
 - Would be a good opportunity for people to meet new members
 - There is a script if anyone would like guidance or anyone that is interested can follow a tour
 - 19 new members, 12 ex members
 - +7 over the month

 - Eddie has been keeping it spotless
 - & Benjamin

 T-Hex 8:49 PM
 joined #meetingminutes.

 DanS 8:49 PM
 - There is a budget for consumables that the metalworking team can access

 - No update

 - No update

 T-Hex 8:50 PM
 Hi everyone, my first such meeting :)

 DanS 8:50 PM
 - Thanks to Chris & Eddie

====Software & Tools====
 - No update

 - No update

====Hackspace 2.5 Team====
 - Work has focused on the upstairs laser area
 - Pending the laser team installing the new laser

===Financial Update===

  dpslwk 8:52 PM

  DanS 8:53 PM
  - Matt is talking through the wiki page
  - Some large donations have come in this month!
  - £540 from workshops, thanks to all those who ran workshops!
  - All donations are gratefully received no matter how big or small.
  - We need to pull ourselves through the financial situation as a collective by each making small contributions
  - We are definitely making progress on increasing our regular income, the date of hitting zero has been pushed back to may/ June as it currently stands
  - It was initially January
  - Approximately 20 People have increased their membership fees in the last month on top of the original increases


  Andrew Walters 9:01 PM
  Can you share what is the Expenses adjustment in this months accounts

  DanS 9:02 PM

====Table pledge====
  - Pledge drive for the first set of 4 Tables has reached half of the goal, the trustees have agreed to order the first 4
  Andrew Walters 9:02 PM
  Cheers ,good call
  DanS 9:06 PM
  - Everyone in the room sends best wishes to @MalcolmC who is currently unwell.
  iandickinson 9:06 PM
  There is a pub quiz on 15 November, tickets on Eventbrite
  DanS 9:07 PM
  - Yes! Thanks Ian
  - There will be a festivus this year
  - We are talking about a 10th anniversary dinner at the moment, something to look forwards to!

====Upcoming Events====
  A few new events have just gone up on our eventbrite page. In the next month or so, we've got all of this coming up!
  Sept 28th - Crapathon
  Oct 5th - Communication For Hackers
  Oct 5th - Introduction to Arduino
  Oct 12th - Embroidery for Beginners
  Oct 12th - Origami with Betty Ching
  Oct 12th - Lasers: More than just a cut
  Oct 12th - Paper Stencil Screen Printing
  Oct 19th - Pyrography with Bob Neil
  Oct 22nd - CNC Engraving for Beginners
  Nov 9th - Boomerangs for Beginners
  Nov 15th - Nottinghack Pub Quiz
  - & Hackoween

  Andrew Armstrong 9:10 PM
  Will be Artemis in November! I'll find a date.

DanS 9:10 PM
==End of Meeting==