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Meeting Drawing by Mike H


''Members meeting 8th January 2020''

'''Roll Call'''
	Dan S, Samathy, Dominic, Russell, Mike H, James, Matt, Andrew A, Ali, Helen, Julian, Bob, Malcolm C, Keith

'''Announcements & Events'''
	Wiki meeting is now on thursday
	Contact @Jon H for info
	New Heaters have been bought. These are very good 3.5kw heaters.
	They replace a slew of older heaters, some gas, that aren't allowed by bizspace
	This will hopefully make the hackspace more pleasant in the winter 
	There is a 50p donation slot (A1) in the snackspace vending machine
	The heaters have a 1hour timer attached that will prevent electricity wastage
	Not using the timer is naughty, please don't do it

'''Actions & Minutes'''
	Last members meeting was in november
	No issues with previous minutes

'''Team Updates'''

''''Electronics & Woodworking''''
	No update

	There have been lots of updates to HMS
	Matt has shared details of these on the Google Group

	New tables for the craft room
	Some updates to the PC

	Still need newsletter contributors, please get in touch if you have any content

''''Tuesday HS2.5 Work''''
	There is some stuff accumulating along the back wall that is preventing progress

	Small laser now has two gas strutts which prevent the lid from falling down

	TIG Torch fixed
	Gas hose on the way

'''Financial Update'''
	£18,000 in the bank
	Loan repayments stop in a few months which will help us out
	We have recieved a £1,000 donation from Rolls-Royce this month which shall go towards STEM outreach
	Matt has upgraded the reports to split out snackspace and tool income
	Its been a relatively quiet spending month but a profitable one 
	Question from Bob - What goes into Tools & Equipment on the expense report
	Answer - Bits and bobs that don't fit into team expenditure, E.G. Heaters, Computers, Projectors

'''EMF 2020'''
	EMF is a big hacking event in a field that has all kinds of awesome stuff.
	3 Day event
	24th July - 26th July
	Tickets are slowly being released
	Andrew describes what a village is
	EMF was started and founded by the people who founded London Hackspace & the UKHSF
	Dominic describes it as similar to CCC or "Burning Man for Nerds"
	EMF has been running since 2012. At the first one Nottingham Hackspace had a very strong prescense
	A village is a semi-formal area that is hosted by the organisers. A village can contain art, cool stuff, workshops
	To take part we need members to buy tickets :slightly_smiling_face:We are unsure when the general sale starts keep an eye out on twitter
	@dpslwk will post about the general sale tickets
	If you'd like to do a 30 or 60 minute talk there will be a "call for participation" with the forms being hosted on the EMF website
	Nottingham Hackspace would love to have a village this year
	There is a thread on the mailing list and a slack channel here: #emf
	We may do a pledge drive to cover a "pay-it-forward" ticket

	-Left Lion Magazine-
	The comics book meeting is in LeftLion calendar
	We think they've scraped our calendar
	Hackspace 2.5 work is on there too
	@Dominic Morrow will contact them and follow up
	-Gareth: Repainting the walls in the studio-
	Gareth suggests painting a collection of self-portraits on the wall in the studio where the LEGO Mini-figure is
	It would be a celebration of the members of the hackspace
	Question from Dominic: Why not downstairs?
	Answer: That is the current social hub of the space
	Gareth says until there is a bathroom and kitchen down here it won't be the hub of the space
	Bob says that the only viable walls downstairs are on the classroom and members storage room
	Matt says he would also like a mural on the wall downstairs
	Bob suggests the walls in the classroom could be used? Perhaps the curved wall at the back
	Whilst talking about the classroom Bob mentions that we might ask the dance studio if we can use their toilets. Trustees will take away that action.
	Gareth will contact @Edward Podgorski to share ideas and move forward with painting the wall
	-Dominic mentions a point on 2.5-
	This is year 5 of us renting Hackspace 2.5 and its still not fully operational
	We should prioritize making the spaces down here into working spaces over storage

	-10th Anniversary of Nottinghack-
	April 2010 was the first "show and tell" in the space above the navigation pub
	Dominic would like to have a bit of a 10 year party at one of the pubs along the river
	Questions are asked about why not at the hackspace
	Answer: Its not a members meeting, we'd like to include ex-members and associates. Being away from the space makes it available to this group and it won't encroach on members who just want to make stuff.
	It will be at a pub because they have the facilities to handle lots of people
	Comment from Gareth: Could we mint a coin for it?
	We've just produced a run of 2019 coins. Possibly is the answer.

	-Precious Plastic-
	A prospective member would like to start a precious plastic project here at the hackspace
	They would need a press, ventilation & some storage space for plastic
	The goal of the project is to change the perception of plastic and show that it is reusable
	Question from Dominic: How would we as a hackspace relate to the precious plastic group?
	Answer: We don't really have to.
	Question: How much space is needed?
	Answer: Not that much depending on the scale
	Charlotte is the name of the prospective member
	Generally everyone is excited about this idea

'''To the pub'''
	We are going to the King Billy

''Meeting Closed''