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==Members Meeting 4th March 2020==
Chair: Dominic
Minutes: Dan

In the room:
Dan Sw, Matt L, Dan Sp, Russell H, Mike H, Andrew A, Jason, Bob W, Julian B, James S, Samathy B, Dominic M, James T + Gareth Howell Attending online!

==Announcements & Events==
===10 Year Anniversary===
We are planning on running a Bring-a-hack event on the 7th April, Save the Date
We are looking for venues at the moment, somewhere upstairs in a pub probably 
What is a Hack? Anything you'd like to share with other members 
Please no weapons, foam weapons are probably ok 
This is a celebration of Nottinghack (The community) not Nottingham Hackspace (the space)
===Arduino Workshop===
Still some places left on the workshop this saturday 
===Matt Woodham's Event===
Matt is hosting some workshop's at bonnington gallery in town as part of Sensing Systems 

==Minutes of last meeting & Actions==
Minutes are available on slack, wiki and were in the newsletter

==Team Updates==
No Update

Soldering station & small heat gun are missing 
Please don't move the soldering stations around the space or if you do, please return them 

===Finance Update===
The finances have historically been presented live at this meeting as they come out. 
We, the trustees, are changing that paradigm and presenting last months finances at this meeting so that we have time to digest and produce budgets.

*Matt presents the following graphs*
Hackspace Finances 6 Month Rolling Jan 2020 - Sheet4.pdf
Hackspace Finances 6 Month Rolling Jan 2020 - Sheet3.pdf

The money we garner from membership dues varies due to the nature of standing orders
Members have the ability to set their own payment dates and hence we have some bumper months and some lean months
We can split our expenses into "Fixed" expenses and "Variable"
Fixed might include things like Rent, Cleaning Contracts, Snackspace, etc
Variable includes things like electricity
Matt mentions that on the latest finances Bizspace varied the dates they took meter readings which makes it look like we used more than we actually did
We'd like to get to the point of forecasting our expenditure. We will be able to plan around Projects, Capital Expenditure, Team Expenditure
This approach gives the Trustees more of chance to do that. It will be transparent, accessible & strategic 
Mike mentions that the Financial wobble gave us as a collective something to rally in support of. 
We need to change the narrative and give our members chance to rally around our collective goals
The financial wobble acted as a catalysts for workshops and it is hoped that that will continue
In the round, we are financially healthy currently although there is significant upcoming expenditure
Namely, Stairs (Hackspace 3.0)
We mustnt forget that we are 720 members. If each members contributed £10 we would have £7200

==EMF Update==
Andrew has submitted our village application 
We have quite a lot of members looking to contribute workshops to the camp 
We discussed the equipment we need to take and workshops we'd like to run 
The EMF group are also looking to revive BarBot and are making good progress
Andrew mentions that there will be a BarBot fundraiser on 11th July

Electromagnetic Field - Electromagnetic Field is a non-profit UK camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things.
There are two more ticket releases upcoming
@Andrew Armstrong is organizing the Nottinghack village. Get in touch with him for information 

Also: #emf slack channel

===Moving the 3D Printer===
Bob mentions that someone on slack would like to relocate the printer to the craft room

Samathy mentions that the current amalgam of Electronics, CNC & 3D printing arent working well together and it's on the radar to disperse them 

Gareth Howell: That was me - it doesn’t need to be the craft room, but the dust doesn’t work well with the 3D printer.

We aren't sure who owns the craft room 
We wouldn't want to move it without ownership
Trustees will discuss

===Upstairs Electrics===
Bob asks if there is a deadline for the upstairs electronics to be fixed 
Trustees will provide an update next month hopefully

Meeting Closed