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Andrew Armstrong  20:01
Meeting 3rd November 2021
Gareth Howell, Ali Maq, Steve, Bob Wood, Malcolm, Paul Barker, Ian Dickinson, Alan, Anddrew Walters, Betty, Mike Haber
Events and Announcements
AGM announced for Wednesday December 1st 2021 (edited) 
Light Night Beeston - there is a slack channel to get involved
EMF 2022 - June 2022 - will have a separate meeting to discuss.
Actions and Minutes of Last Minutes
No actions. Note the minuting in Slack is a bit poor (especially for action tracking) and this and the agenda may be revamped. (edited) 
Craft - Later
Electronics - Some tools available downstairs in team storage for Electronics. Hand tools for electronics need finding.
Infrastructure - Emergency lights now sorted. Stuck lights being looked at and should be mostly sorted.
Laser - Inductions are progressing. All contacted, 4 done so far. Laser bookings are 2 hours currently but Louise suggested extending to 3 hours. Will be discussed on Slack #laser

Paul Barker  20:15
joined #meetingminutes.

Andrew Armstrong  20:18
Membership - New members are being sorted slowly and signing up. 35 people joined last month (some are returning members).
Need to edit the web pages suggesting open nights are open and instead email membership email address (edited) 
Metalworking - The induction form for Metalworking tools have been taken off temporarily while we review how they are going to work because they're not happening.
Suggestion for tours to make it clear they might be not on offer for the time being.

Andrew Armstrong  20:31
Safety - Joshua has been working and has spent 4.5K on safety disposables/gear/signage/infrastructure stuff.
Resources and Snackspace - Mark did a one off purchase of things but we still lack any volunteers to do this.
Software - Nothing
Woodworking - HPC Gears (external company) will be able to supply parts for the Planer Thicknesser for something like £20. Bob to help supply the old parts. (edited) 
Craft Room Improvements
Discussion on the desk and the items for purchase. Total is £530.57 for phase 1.
Adjustable desk suggested to be of high quality and allow different working heights.
Call for a vote;
11 aye, 0 nay - approved - will get some funding from the Trustees
Hackspace 3.0
Tour of basement done looking at the information for the structural engineer for the doorway and stairs plans.
Doorway area looks reasonable accessible if alterations were to be made, the basement goes all the way to the wall/foundations
Bizspace may supply plans of the building for further work which is next item to obtain before talking to the engineer again

Andrew Armstrong  20:56
Online Behaviour (Item bumped due to Gareth's needing to leave soon)
Gareth - Some disgraceful behaviour on the Slack from members, which is not being very inclusive.
This especially is important since the Slack is available to the public and it also pushes members away from helping with teams.
The safe space policy and rules that apply in the space does apply to Slack.
Paul - Dealing with online communities as long as rules are consistently enforced quickly things don't need to be too harsh.
Mike - Should encourage people to call out this behaviour as in the space where members call out other members for bad or unsafe behaviour
Andrew A - The rules already apply to online spaces (see: ) but some people are ignoring this. Trustees may have to step in some of the situations to call out the behaviour.
Mike - Suggest maybe a standard reply similar to how tools are called out in person. Suggest possibly a template message linked to the safe spaces policy
Paul - First time deal with it in good faith. There also needs to be a way to deal with persistent behaviour problems.
Gareth - Important when seeing red flags they're called out.

Andrew Armstrong  21:07
Andrew A - Trustees don't currently have an official way to track and record these in the middle ground between "informal unrecorded note to someone" and "formal complaint" which means the Trustees probably need to codify the moderation of things a bit more as a matter of basic policy.
Andrew W - There is the safe spaces policy but it puts people off when this occurs.
Andrew A - Will write some policy to record transgressions since there is a very limited history (as Slack loses history very quickly) and persistent behaviour is not recorded unless it's a formal complaint
Paul - Suggest linking to the policy during larger meetings and events.

Andrew Armstrong  21:13
Ali - Do we need to raise changes to our rules at the AGM?
Andrew A - No need only constitutional changes are for the AGM. But the decision to change the rules is basically down to the Trustees.

dpslwk  21:15
large changes to the rules should really be passed infront the membership for at least some discussion but decision is with the trustees

Andrew Armstrong  21:15
Betty - Suggest work on the rules and improve them.
Paul and Mike has offered to review and provide examples of behaviour. Ali is interested in this area and of course Gareth may be involved.
The Trustees also need to review the rules and have a yellow card/temporary ban be written up more formally especially so it is clear.

maq:speech_bubble:  21:17
joined #meetingminutes.

Andrew Armstrong  21:28
Main fixed outgoings are about covered by average membership fees
The float is quite high still even given some earmarked Trustee H&S purchases
We should seek out more larger grants for specific items
5 files 
4 - Expenditure, Income and Bank.PNG

5 - Expenditure, Income and Bank.PNG

01 - Income.PNG

02 - Expenditure.PNG

3 - Income vs Expenditure.PNG

Paul will see if a Raspberry Pi will replace the comfy area PC since it's so ancient. He'll try his own and then we'll get one.
PCs in Blue room need sorting (Windows/Linux etc.) - Andrew will do this eventually but any volunteers let us know.

Mike wants instructions for the comfy room to turn things on and use the equipment in that room
Meeting closed

Gareth Howell  22:02
Thank you for minuting @Andrew Armstrong! Sorry I had to leave early but thanks to everyone for a good chat around Safe Spaces and online stuff.

Andrew Armstrong  22:06
@jymbob James if you seriously want to sort the PCs let me know via. DM. I sorta know what needs doing/purchasing if you've got some time to look at them!

Jelly  15:45
Supplementary Info on the Safety Spend.
See attached for a list of all PPE and Storage items purchased, and the area it has been assigned to and also pictures and links for each item.
This represents a major overhaul of how we do PPE in the space, with a focus on:
Identifying the risks associated with each machine and area, and selecting appropriate PPE to match the risk factors in that area.
Purchasing high quality gear which will stand up to frequent institutional use,
Ensuring that as much as possible items are repairable / user serviceable, so we can keep spare parts (we have ordered a stock) and avoid having to pay out for a new item repeatedly,
Putting PPE storage right next to the point that it's needed, partially to encourage members to use it for their own good, and partially so that it doesn't get left out and dirty/lost/damaged, and the investment lasts longer.
To that point, because it's such a big spend we have examined the possibility of writing the long-life PPE items and Storage off against tax, and approximately £2K of the £4.3K spent is eligible for either a 6% or 18% capital allowance.
If the treasurer decides it is in our interests to do that, it would allow the space to claw back some of the upfront cost against any tax nottinghack owes in the future... As long as we retain the PPE in good order that is, that benefit goes away if we have to scrap it early due to damage/abuse.
2 files 

PDFView PDF in Slack

PPE - List.pdf
PDFView PDF in Slack


Betty Ching  17:03
Some member have raised a point regarding hygienic and single used items. 
ie dusty area using single used face mask :mask:

Betty Ching  10:21
reply from Bizspace: Hi Betty,
With regards to electricity, prices will be fixed until October 2023, unless our supplier chooses to action a particular clause within the T&C’s.
As you are on a lease your rent will not be affected until your renewal date 1/06/2023
Ben is waiting for delivery date for the door and will get this to me as soon as possible.
Many thanks,
Jodie Elrick
Business Centre Manager