2023-10-04 Transcript

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Andrew Armstrong — 04/10/2023 20:02

Roll call: Steve, Aaron, Douglas, Andrew A, Keith S, Bob, Ali, Gareth, Andrew W, Malcolm, Sam, Jason Announcements and Events

Hack the Space Day - Saturday October 14th from 10AM

One shot Wonders on 19th of October - one shot wonder

Hackivate - 28th of October - please sign up on the form to show attendance numbers. Combat robots fighting!

AGM - December 6th AGM 8PM. Thinking of in person AGM but see what venues are available.

We won't be doing the Open Day on the 7th of October no organisation so will be delayed. Actions and Minutes

Membership Payments needed a separate discussion still being followed up.

Andrew Armstrong — 04/10/2023 20:10

Minimum Membership Payments

The changes have been done by Matt as of October 1st to implement the £5. 170 emails sent out to low paying members. Some have changed their membership some have replied some may ignore it.

People who are underpaying are dealt with as with anyone not paying and warned and have up to between 1 and 2 months to uplift their payment before it actions. Metalworking

Floor installed and painted. Things moved off concrete to allow access for electrics and painting.

Lathe was moved but fell when moved over the lip and will need repairs. Further details to follow.

Is it being generally worked on? Yes we need to get electrics and a stud wall up. Electrics will be contracted out. We are going to seek quotes now. Migration to Discord

Slack was archived at the weekend. General channel is read only and points at Discord.

Need to remove slack links from the wiki. New member message (Registration Complete) needs to be updated to point to Discord not Slack.

Some bots need to point to Discord. At Christmas time (3 months) it will be closed and members removed and it locked for access. Andrew Armstrong — 04/10/2023 20:18 Trustee Slack (which is paid for) is being retained due to a variety of reasons (history, small cost)

Andrew Armstrong — 04/10/2023 20:28

Team updates

Membership Team - Lacking membership team volunteers.

Laser Team - There is material being left around please keep the area clean as you found it or better please. New laser has been purchased and is being stored in the blue room. John is cleaning the laser weekly and inductions are continuing on the old laser. Got a Makerspace licence for the Hackpace for 2 PCs and we can purchase full versions for members for £30 (versus £100).

Woodworking Team - Looks fairly tidy. Some suggestions on the table saw but we've done a lot of mitigation of fire, not much we can do on the table saw for now unless an additional exhaust on the blade cover is added. Dust in the area needs the extractor to be used it's causing a lot of dust in the dusty area generally.

Metalworking Team - Metalworking Training: Betty will have to arrange new dates hopefully weekend days.

Team Cleanup - Membership Team has been cleaned up due to more access they get, but other teams will be reviewed and membership of teams reduced. Inductions - Trustees have been discussing getting all of the £20 to the inductors instead of £10 to inductors and £10 to the Hackspace.

Andrew W: Sounds fine, some past members have used the money as almost a second source of income or jumped on inductions but it would possibly encourage more inductors.

Ali: How will the £10 decicit be covered? See below. How are inductions going to be monitored to be of a decent standard? We should make it clear that members can contact the Trustees about it. Idea from Gareth to have a checksheet for the main key points of the induction points.

Malcolm: Some difficulties with people saying they already have the skills, so got to make it clear the inductions are necessary in full.

Inductions in general: We will make sure the documentation in the Guide is updated since it's not too clear about some of the above items. Need to clarify how to make a complaint about lax inductions and make it clear that inductions must be requested (to make sure it's properly recorded and fairly dealt with) not done offhand.

Andrew Armstrong — 04/10/2023 20:40

Jason: Suggests a set of training in other areas (not mandatory inductions) such as Electronics where someone might get demonstrations of soldering, oscilloscope usage, etc. etc. - Suggestion to write up what the training might include (and maybe we find a better name then "training")

Aaron: On the £10 to the space - isn't much income to the space and may encourage more inductors which will help progress them since some people wait a long time for it.

Andrew A: We should be encouraging income generating workshops and events to have that stream of income. This is now more viable to do now the VAT threshold won't be easily reached.

Andrew W: More workshops would be good to encourage and do.


Bank account as of today is £25,572.11. No financial updates from the Treasurer.

New laser has been brought, and next upcoming spend will be Metalworking downstairs.

Andrew Armstrong — 04/10/2023 20:59

Any Other Business

Lift - Update is they are trying to get someone fix it and they are getting more than one company to look at it.

Metalworking Inductions covered under Team Updates. More to follow once dates are confirmed again.

Gareth: Looked on the website on the grievance stuff on the website and seeing peoples names retained on the wiki history. Aaron: After a period of time people can ask to be removed from the wiki history but the public people. Andrew: The information probably should be on HMS behind a login instead of a wiki page but it is really important information for members to have to hand if someone.

Andrew W: It is also part of the discussion on letting people in - since people on the ban list shouldn't be let in on the bell. Bouncing the door.

Aaron: It on one hand a good way to deter future transgressions, but on the other hand it is difficult having the information on the public internet is difficult.

Gareth: Removing it from the public wiki would remove a potential GDPR issue.

Andrew W: Are members who use their card on the RFID and tap in get logged?

Aaron: Yes logged but not alerted directly.

Jason: I might be able to do some HMS changes (roundly encouraged).

Meeting closed 20:59.