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Resources relating to Michael's MAME/Arcade workshop/talk.


Cabinet architecture!

Monitors, cabinets, amps & speakers, controls, artworks, bezel wheels and feet, coin mechanism, PC, interfaces, MAME. Front-ends and utilities, Controls latency and accuracy.



  • microswitch types
  • leaf switches
  • gold leaf module


Trackballs, spinners, steering wheels, flight yokes, etc.

Input encoders

  • keyboard encoders - what they do, how they work, USB vs PS2
  • USB Joystick HID
    • Minimus, KADE with LUFA
    • Arduino Mega
  • PlayStation to USB
  • Dance Mat encoders
  • X-Box


  • Get on the forums!
  • Use what Hackspace has to offer
  • Definitely go to arcades and look at machines. See what does and does not work well for you.