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A barn raising is an event where a community comes together, at the same time and place, to achive a planned goal.

The name comes from an American tradition, where a community whould come to help a farmer raise a barn.

Sometimes the goal will be of interest to the whole community, but it might just help a few members or an individual do something they could not achieve alone.

The benefits

The benefits to the community:

  • It quickly creates a sense of accomplishment and good will.
  • When the community help individual members it strengthens bonds.
  • It increases the amount of time and attention people give to the collective.

To the participants:

  • People can expect to learn from the event.
  • A successful barn raising is a often followed by a celebration and is a good oportunity to make friends.

Nottinghack barn raising events

Todo: add examples of Nottinghack barn raising events.