Bridgeport Mill/Inductions Course

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The handout notes from the inductions are File:Bridgeport Induction Handout Notes.pdf


    knurled thumb screw for Z handle
    thum screws auto feed stop
    dead blow hammer
    vice handle
    ali block

* No long sleeves (rolled up and secured is ok)
* Don't reach around, behind when spinning
* Don't leave chuck key in
* Don't leave the spanner on the draw bar
* make sure free moving and clear (spin by hand)
* covers closed (motor belt)
* dont touch the swarf with bare hands (hot and sharp)
* work can be hot
* carefully of the X handles when using auto feed

Tool Description
its a precision engineers tool not a bodgers tool

bed, xyz axis, saddle locks, x axis safety handles, x axis auto feed, auto feed stop, micrometer dials, spindle, quill, drill press feed, slow hand quill feed, auto quill feed, motor, motor tension, motor direction, belt speed, back gears, quill feed ratio, auto quill feed direction, slow feed clutch, motor break, auto quill feed stop, nodding worm and bolts, quill lock, till worm and bolt, spinning the turret, extending the head, DRO, one shot oil system, power controls,  vice, rotary table, work clamps, collets, drill chuck, parallels, ends mills, fly cutter, boring head

Simple usage

pre use maintenance
    2 oil pots
        main spindle
        back gears
        one shot oil, 3 pulls
        quill should be dripping if correctly maintained

mains power
    switch positions
    spindle, shaper head, auto feed, coolant
    motor direction switch

adjusting belt speed
    stop motor, stop motor & tension off, adjusting belts, engaging back gears, tension on

mounting work
    bed, T-slots, clamming kit, vice,  parallels, sacrificial metal  NOT the bed or vice, V blocks, rotary table, center finder, wiggler

aligning vice and work
    dial indicator

tramming the head

types of tool
    end mill
    slot mill
    ball mill
    center drills
    boring head
    fly cutter
    facing cutter

mounting tools in the quill
    use a collet of correct size
    never mount mills in drill chuck
    drill chuck

climb cut vs conventional cut

Machining operations (practicle)

squaring a block