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For information on current or past elections see Category:Elections or Trustees.

Running Elections

Trustee elections are generally run using OpaVote.

Settings for an election are below. Elections will need to be paid for to increase the number of possible voters, and this can be arranged with a trustee.

Once you have set up the election and paid, you will be able to import the list of voters. This can be obtained from a trustee (via CSV Downloads in HMS). The list must be one email address per line. Follow the on screen instructions to import and check these emails. If there are any invalid emails, please go back to the source of the list.

When complete, click "Start Voting". Voting emails will be sent at 12:01am on the Start Day

Election Information

This section should be filled in with:

  • Manager Name/Email - Details of the Returning Officer
  • Timezone - Europe/London
  • Title - Nottingham Hackspace Trustee Election <Year>
  • Description - Leave blank
  • Email - At returning officer's discretion
  • Start/Stop Date - as per the election
  • Show Results - End

Contest 1

  • Title - Trustee Election
  • Description - At returning officer's discretion, include link to wiki page showing candidates
  • Method - Scottish STV
  • Ballot Type - Ranked Enhanced
  • Require Full Vote - No
  • Number of Winners - Number of open trustee slots
  • Candidate Names - full names, any order
  • Shuffle Candidate Order - yes