Electromagnetic Wave 2013

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What is it

Electromagnetic Wave is a day filled with talks and workshops for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things, held on a converted East German fishing vessel moored in London. Brought to you by the non-profit group behind last year's Electromagnetic Field festival, this is a maritime-themed taste of what's to come at the next EMF in 2014.


Sunday May 5th (a bank holiday weekend). Talks will run from midday until early evening, and we're planning entertainment aboard the Stubnitz late into the night. Impromptu side-events are likely to occur all weekend.


MS Stubnitz, Wood Wharf, Canary Wharf, London, E14 9SB.
The Stubnitz is five minutes' walk from Canary Wharf station (Jubilee Line or DLR), and parking is available nearby.

Who's going

No. Member Getting there Leaving Staying Transport
1 Reprap Matt Sunday Sunday NA Looking at coach right now,
2 James H Friday Monday With Family Driving (car, no seats available) Will be with family other days
3 Dominic ?? ?? ?? Driving van
4 Gill ?? ?? ?? Dominic's van
5 Dr Matt Friday Monday ?? megabus/train
6 David H ?? ?? ?? Train from Birmingham, somehow back to Notts
7 James F Sunday Monday ?? Train from Bedford, Train back to Notts
8 Dan W ?? ?? ?? ??
9 Ian D Sunday Sunday With family Train from Luton