Embroidery Machine/Inductions

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Pre-work - read through the Quick Ref guide. (Not mandatory, but helps)

Induction Notes

Machine Setup

  • Card activated by inductor
  • Ensuring a clear work area
  • Check the lower bobbin has plenty of thread of an appropriate colour
  • Winding a lower bobbin
    • Ensure thread is properly around tensioner when winding a bobbin
    • bobbin winding does not stop on its own - you need to watch for it getting full and stop the winding when it starts to have trouble
  • Installing lower bobbin
  • Installing upper bobbin and threading through
    • Ensure top bobbin is fully to the right, and bobbin holder is butted against it correctly

Initial runthrough using built-in functions

  • Inserting frame
    • Also cover how to apply backing material
    • What to do if material is smaller than frame (support it with backing material)
  • Sew text and a frame
  • Include adjusting the size and layout of the design
  • How to change thread colour
  • Finishing the design
    • Only ever press the thread cut button ONCE Only required at the end of the design
  • Removing the frame and work

Using the PC software

  • Using the PC to get a design set up
  • Compatible filetypes for the machine are .pes and .dst
    • Use the Nottinghack H? Can even have a scout-badge style design for them to create as part of induction to take away
  • Transferring the design from PC to Machine
    • Ensure machine isn't simply sewing over same area repeatedly Watch machine during initial sewing, and ensure you are in the same area during operation

Pack down

  • Removing top bobbin and thread
  • Dust cover

Special attention areas

  • Do not use thread cutter button if thread is already cut, or a heavy gauge thread (like nylon or #30 thread)
  • Ensure thread is properly around tensioner when spooling a bobbin for the underneath
badly tensioned bobbin
  • Make sure top bobbin is properly pushed to the right and holder butted against it
  • Set machine up THEN attach frame

Mounting garments, etc.

  • cupping of garments
  • dealing with small items on a big frame
  • continuing existing designs and building up large areas
  • spray mount
  • special materials (e.g. towelling and velvet with a nap)
  • water-soluble interfacing

The Changing Of The Needle

  • the needle needs to be tight in the collet, finger tight is not adequate, use the screwdriver provided!