Financials 2011 June

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A breakdown of our finances for the month of June, 2011.

Quick summary

Start bank balance: £771.78

Out: £378.86

In: £582.65

End: £975.57

Paypal Start: £625.35

Paypal End: £580.35

We have £1555.92 in the banks of which £71 is Pledge money for the vending machine


Start: 27

New: 10

End: 37

Average membership due: £14.66

In/out Breakdown


BizSpace: £76.90

Talk talk: £207.78 we got hit for moving the line to the new space

Other: £170.09 includes things like Keys, Membership boxes, Space heater,


Membership dues: £492.65

Donations: £20

Pledges: £71

Workshops: £30

Predictions for July

Outgoings: £412.31 minimum before unknown expenses

Income: £492.65 before new members and workshops or bar camp

Estimate at least 5 new members at month end average of £14.66 to bring in another £73.30

Workshops to bring in around £50]