Fire Extinguishers

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We have the following fire extinguishers at the Hackspace.

1. 2Kg Dry Powder by the main exit door from the studio (to the airlock to the back staircase)

2. 2Kg Dry Powder (by the door to the Studio from the Workshop)

3. 2Kg CO2 (by the door to the Studio from th e Workshop

4. 2Kg CO2 (by the metalwork area / bench drill / donkey saw)

We have now acquired four more 9Kg Dry Powder extinguishers which need to be mounted at suitable locations around the Hackspace.

5. By the metalwork area / donkey saw (i.e. exit way from this part of the workshop)

6. By the metalwork area, by the rear exit door

7. By the hackable material shelving - (i.e. exit from the workshop area including the flammables cabinet to the doors to the Studio)

8. One in the Studio. Or possible, exchange the 2Kg one (2) for a 9Kg one, and bring the 2Kg one into the Studio area?

To Do

Task for Hack-the-Space day 1/6/2014 - location notes posted at suggested locations to mount extinguishers 5 - 8

Document test / refill dates, makes / models of all extinguishers - add to Safety Manual