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Fogbuster No Mist Coolant

The plan is to create a clone of the Fogbuster Air Blast Coolant system

At the moment in R+D mode

Bits needed:- Coolant Resovoir: This is just a container for coolant, it need to be pressurized at the mister working pressure which is usually around 20-30psi and to hold enough coolant to last a reasonable running time.

Online DIY version mostly seem to use water filter containers but these are not as common/cheap in the UK as they seem to be in the USA.

Initial plan is to use a 2 liter 'Soda' bottle.

Air/Coolant control valves. Most online DIY units use a commercial Air regulator to drop comressor output to 20ish PSI and a needle valve control built into the mixing chamber assembly to control coolant flow.

The needle valve arrangement requires accurate machining of a number of parts to work so in most designs the mixer block is made from a brass block to allow easy machining.

For an iniial test version I am leaning towards a system with seperate mixing chamber and coolent metering. The coolant metering rather than being a high precicion needle valve will be a rather low tech clam on the pvc tube feeding the coolant.

This seperates the coolant regulation and mixing chamber bits and makes testing simpler.

Without the need for high precicion bits to make the needle valve in the mixing block it may be possible to 3d print the mixing block the pressures are relatively low (30psi seems to be a max) and a 3d printed part should easily manage this sort of pressure.