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We go to a lot of events, it would be good to have a stylish, hack worthy, shelter. At the moment, we are targeting EMF2016 for the debut of this shelter.

We are currently pledging for a set of these hubs:

This needs £80 up front, and then more money and skills in January for wood, covering, etc.

Can you help? This could be by pledging below or offering advice/help with the still-to-be-decided work in 2016!


June/July Pledge

Who Amount Paid? Method Paid
James H £20
Kate £10
James F £20
Toby £20
Spencer £10
Adam & Sophie £10
Adam F £10
Michael E £10
James B £10
Ian D £10

Jan/Feb Pledge

We don't yet know how much we need here, and it is probably a bit of a moving feast. We definitely need "wood" of some kind, and a covering. There are more than likely numerous options, and we probably want some hacky decorations, utilities, etc.

Pledge what you can, but feel free to change. By the time we get there, we'll make some decisions and announce formally.

Who Amount Paid? Method Paid
James H £30
Kate £10
Toby Some
Adam & Sophie £20
Rob Hunt £10
James B Some

The Build

Just a place to dump links for now: