HAL 9000

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HAL 9000
Primary Contact Tony_S
Created 09/03/2011
Completed 16/08/2011
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Status Complete
Type Members Project
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...."I'm sorry Dave... I can not allow that to happen, it would jeopardise the mission."

HAL 9000 is a HAL replica at 2:1 scale & he is acting as doorman to the Members Storage storage room, as pennace for refusing to open airlocks on Discovery One. Feel free to add / connect automation etc. It was built by Tony_S.


We need a HAL 9000 in the HackSpace to monitor the various subsystems:

  • COM: Communications
  • NAV: Navigation
  • LIF: Life Support
  • VEH: Vehicle Status
  • FLX: Flight Dynamics
  • NUC: Nuclear Reactor Status
  • HIB: Hibernation
  • DMG: System Damage
  • CNT: Control
  • MEM: Memory
  • TEL: Telemetry
  • GDE: Guidance Data Extension
  • ATM: Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitoring

The iconic red eye/lens: various Instructables about this - depends on what comes to hand. I definitely want a webcab view of it so we can see HAL's point of view!