Hack the Space Days/19th June 2022

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Big task one

Details of big task one. Sort out Waste

Big task one
Sub-task When Deadline Volunteers Completed?
Sort out Waste, leave in Metalwork Ongoing N/A

Miscellaneous tasks

Details of miscellaneous tasks.

Miscellaneous tasks
Thing When Deadline Volunteers Completed?
Sort storage (assuming shelves) Ongoing N/A
Assessment of small tools required - eg plyers Ongoing N/A
Tidy Bike Tools and photograph and document on wiki Ongoing N/A  Done (19/06/2022)
Check big telly is working and Mount on Blue Room Wall Ongoing N/A  Done (19/06/2022)
Airlock door fix Ongoing N/A
Put Barbot In team Storage Ongoing N/A  Done (19/06/2022)
Sort Power to clock in Dusty Area Ongoing N/A  Done (19/06/2022)
Sort power to arcade machine Ongoing N/A
Setup Pi for Comfy Area Ongoing N/A
Sort pile of girocontabulator sprockets in team storage Ongoing N/A
Note areas needing electrical work - clear so we can get quote Ongoing N/A

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