Hacker Rations

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Meeting dietary requirements in a modular and scientific way on a low budget.

Mainly non-perishables, ready-to-eat, some heatables, some share-outs to split

   oatcakes x5
   small water bottles - still, flavoured, sparkling
   small juice boxes
   tracker bars
   sugar free chewing gum
   dried fruits - raisin box - banana chips - apple slices - dates, figs, apricots, etc
   pre-pack croissant/pain au chocolate (LIDL/ALDI)
   pre-pack bagel (LIDL/ALDI)
   small cereal boxes
   quorn slice (fresh share out)
   choc/strawberry soymilk
   plain soymilk (for cereal)
   tinned goods
      sweetcorn, beans, potatoes. tinned fruit, etc.
   other dried goods
   ration packaging - reused - uncrushable, liquid safe, dry only (e.g hummus pots)