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There was a members meeting on 22 Sep 2018 to discuss the current status of Hackspace 2.5. This meeting was the outcome of a thread in the google group from KJ Lee https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/nottinghack/pfjOCH6yWtg . The thread looked to clarify the current situation and finances of the project.

Another thread https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/nottinghack/HaEULTvC7Ek was also created on the google group and together these threads contained questions and ideas from the members. Reading these threads is insightful. Before the meeting the two threads were summarised by Hackspace member Mike Haber to show how the ideas were connected.

For the summary, the ideas from the discussion threads were categorised into:

  • Actions - things we could do
  • Strategies - actions usually support strategies like "move blue room into HS 2.5'
  • Goals - Strategies usually support goals. Goals can be "more space for woodwork"

At this stage it's expected that there may be some strategies that support divergent goals. There can be actions that don't appear to support any strategy or goals, and goals that don't have any strategies to achieve them.

Insert Image somehow, yeah?

When Actions -> Strategies -> Goals was introduced at the meeting it was noted that the actions need volunteers - without people doing the action the strategies and goals we want to achieve won't happen.

After the meeting a mindmap was created with an overview of the discussions of the meeting.

Image here.

Mindmap Details