Hackspace 2.5/ToDo

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Blue Side

  1. Gatekeeper entry (lift end)
  2. Gatekeeper entry (communal end)
  3. Lighting Control Tablets
  4. Brackets and power for tablet (microusb) - Alex Mann looking at

Blue Room

  1. Worktop Surface (needs buying)
  2. Sink installation
  3. Sink plumbing (needs buying)

CNC Room

  1. Bench along wall (needs planning and wood buying)
  2. Laser Extraction
  3. Laser PC Bench (needs planning and wood buying)

Front Side

Members Storage

  1. Lighting
  2. Gatekeeper entry


  1. Floor needs hardboard
  2. Floor needs carpet tiling (need to buy spray adhesive)
  3. Interactive whiteboard (needs buying)
  4. Projector and mount (needs buying)
  5. Laptop input system (needs buying)
  6. Desks (needs buying)
  7. Shelving (needs buying or planning and building)
  8. Walls need plastering
  9. Walls need sealing
  10. Walls need painting
  11. Gaps need filling
  12. Lighting


  1. Floor needs sanding
  2. Floor needs painting (needs buying)
  3. Lighting
  4. Lighting Control Tablets (need buying)
  5. Lighting Control tablet mounts (need buying) - Alex Looking At



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