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Hackspace BMX
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Created 2012
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UPDATE - no longer with us!

During a clear out of the bikes area we decided the Hackspace didn't need a BMX! This has now been donated to a youth group in Loughborough.


We built a BMX for the Hackspace from various donated parts. We had a Mongoose frame, forks, stem, bars, one-piece crank, chainring, levers, most of an Oddessy Gyro, but lacking wheels and tyres. I was lucky enough to find a bunch of parts on ebay including wheels and tyres and after some negotiation I was able to swap them for an old-style XBox (of which I had a spare) instead of cash (which is never spare!) It turns out that these newly obtained parts are an almost complete bike too! And quite decent components as well.




chainring size limit

The 44 and 45 tooth chainrings snagged on the dropouts so I needed to source a smaller one. To fit the one piece crank it needs a 24mm hole (well, the old chainring I measured had a 24mm hole anyhow). I obtained a 30T WeThePeople Supreme Sprocket from Winstanleys BMX: -


 WeThePeople Supreme Sprocket (2009)		
 Colour Options:	 Grey
 Chainring Sizes:	 30T
 Price:	 GBP Sterling £5.99, Saving £32.00 (84%) on RRP (£37.99)
 Product Code:	VZJ8787
 Availability:	In Stock - Normally Dispatched in 24 Hours

...aaaand it didn't fit!

So we got it on the lathe and milled out the centre until it fit the OPC!

Gyro & Potts Mod

The stem we have is a fangled fork-top thing and has no hollow stem bolt.

I don't know how to mount a gyro on this thing - need to make a plate


 Frame: Stolen (http://www.stolenbmx.com/)
 Bars: Volume (http://volumebikes.com)
 Stem: Shadow Conspiracy front-load (http://www.theshadowconspiracy.com/)
 Front wheel: KHE (http://www.khebikes.com/)
 Back wheel: Alex (http://www.alexrims.com/)
 Seat: Primo (http://primobmx.com/)
 Forks: Stolen (http://www.stolenbmx.com/)

We tried to identify the frame (Serial: GS090562706) with the manufacturer: Michael E was in contact with Stolen on the phone but they were "pretty flakey" and couldn't give us an answer.