Hackspace Units

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We have a few of our own Hackspace Units (HI) that can be used at the space.

OA - Outstretched Arms

A measurement of length, roughly equivalent to the the average height of a hacker.

B/m2 - Bums per Meter square

A measurement of efficiency, used to tell how effectively chairs and sofas use our finite floor space.

SF - Severed Finger

A handy unit of length measurement used to specify safe parameters for power tool usage.

DD - Ding Dong

A ding dong is one full turn of the power knob on Dominic's HPC LS-3020.

Rb - Rabbit

Can be used as a representative of weight, length or as a curse.


A unit that can be used for anything.

  • "it made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs"
  • "it's warm today - at least 30 parsecs hotter than yesterday"
  • "we can save parsecs with the new lightweight PVC frame"
  • "maybe tomorrow, I've gotta drive 200 parsecs to pick something up this evening"
  • "I can hardly hear it - just increase the volume a few parsecs"
  • "just add about 30 parsecs of water to it - that should be enough"