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If you want to delete a page on Nottinghack Wiki, please follow the guidelines on this page.

Propose a page for deletion

Only admin users can delete pages. Propose a page for deletion by adding the delete template at the top of the page, for example:

{{delete|reason=This page isn't very interesting.|date=February 2019}}
Note Note: If the deletion may be disruptive or controversial the admin user should solicit debate before deleting.

Urgent deletion

If you find something that shouldn't have been published (sensitive information, abuse, etc) then add the following line of text to the top of the page and/or contact us via email or twitter!

{{delete|urgent=yes|reason=Page mentions the door code for Nottinghack.|date=February 2019}}

Deletion by redirection (merging)

Replace all of the text on the page with the redirect code. For example, to redirect to a page called "Another page" replace all of the text with:

#REDIRECT [[Another page]]

Redirecting to a currently existing page is different from moving because all the information on the page is lost, unless it is merged into the page that is the redirect target.

If redirection might be disruptive or controversial please use merge template to solicit debate, see below.

Propose page for merging

Propose a page for moving

Propose move to user space

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