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This page explains how to upload images to this wiki. We upload images to the wiki so they can be embedded in wiki pages.

Note Note: If you want to upload a whole gallery of photos it is better to use the Nottinghack flickr group. See

Uploading a single image

You can upload images one-at-a-time on the Special:Upload page:

  1. On the left-hand sidebar, under “toolbox”, click “Upload file.”
  2. Select the “Source filename”
  3. Fill in the optional “Summary” text.

Adding information about the image

If you upload an image with a name like "DSC0013424.JPG", then please choose a more meaningful Destination filename on the upload page, as it makes linking to the image easier.

A description, license information and categories can be added in the summary (it can be update late by going to image page and clicking edit). Example summary in wiki markup:



'''Licence''' [[wikipedia:Public domain]]

[[Category:Design and graphics]]

Uploading a set of images

The program Commonist can be used to upload a whole batch of images. You can set it up as follows:

  1. Install Commonist by following the specific installation instructions for your operating system [1] (unfortunately the 'Easiest way' described in those instructions -- using JNLP -- will not work! You must install the program to your computer).
  2. Open the file etc/wikis.txt inside the Commonist directory.
  3. Add the following line of text to the file:
    nottinghack	_
  4. Now you can run Commonist and select 'nottinghack' in the list of Wikis.

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