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Variables return information about the current page, wiki, or date. Their syntax is similar to templates.

Technical metadata

Revision variables return data about the latest edit to the current page, even if viewing an older version of the page.

Variable Output Description
{{SITENAME}} Nottinghack Wiki The wiki's site name.
{{SERVER}} Domain URL.
{{SERVERNAME}} Domain name.
{{SCRIPTPATH}} Relative path to the wiki scripts on the server.
{{STYLEPATH}} /skins Relative path to the wiki style sheet on the server.
{{CURRENTVERSION}} 1.35.1 The wiki's MediaWiki version.
Latest revision to current page
{{REVISIONID}} 20621 Unique revision ID
{{REVISIONDAY}} 28 Day the edit was made (unpadded number)
{{REVISIONMONTH}} 03 Month the edit was made
{{REVISIONYEAR}} 2019 Year the edit was made
{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}} 20190328160317 Timestamp of the edit
{{REVISIONUSER}} Jon The user who made the most recent edit to the page, or the current user when previewing an edit
{{PROTECTIONLEVEL:action}} protection level The protection level (e.g. 'autoconfirm', 'sysop') for a given action (e.g. 'edit', 'move') on the current page or an empty string if not protected.
Affects page content
{{DISPLAYTITLE:title}} Format the current page's title. The value must be equivalent to the default title: only capitalization changes and replacing spaces with underscores are allowed.
Used for categorizing pages, sets a default category sort key. For example if you put {{DEFAULTSORT:Smith, John}} at the end of John Smith, the page would be sorted under "S" by default in categories.


Numbers returned by these variables normally contain separators (commas or spaces, depending on the local language), but can return raw numbers with the ":R" flag (for example, {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} → 5,190 and {{NUMBEROFPAGES:R}} → 5190). Use "|R" for magic words that require a parameter like PAGESINCATEGORY (for example {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Help}} and {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Help|R}}). Also applicable to {{PAGESIZE:page name}} above.

Variable Output Description
Entire wiki
{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} 5,190 Number of wiki pages.
{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} 911 Number of pages in content namespaces.
{{NUMBEROFFILES}} 2,514 Number of uploaded files.
{{NUMBEROFEDITS}} 27,274 Number of page edits.
{{NUMBEROFVIEWS}} Template:NUMBEROFVIEWS Number of page views. Usually useless on a wiki using caching.
{{NUMBEROFUSERS}} 332 Number of registered users.
{{NUMBEROFADMINS}} 19 Number of users in the sysop admin group.
{{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS}} 11 Number of active users, based on the criteria used in Special:Statistics.
Number of users in a specific group.

Page name variables

Variable Output Description
{{FULLPAGENAME}} Help:Variables Namespace and page title.
{{PAGENAME}} Variables Page title.
{{BASEPAGENAME}} Variables Page title excluding the current subpage and namespace. For more complex splitting, use {{#titleparts:}}.
{{SUBPAGENAME}} Variables The subpage title.
{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}} Help:Variables The namespace and title of the associated content page.
{{TALKPAGENAME}} Help talk:Variables The namespace and title of the associated talk page.

The following are equivalents encoded for use in MediaWiki URLs (i.e. spaces replaced with underscores and some characters percent-encoded):


These can all take a parameter allowing specification of the page to be operated on, instead of just the current page:

  • {{PAGENAME:Template:Main Page}}Main Page

Namespace variables

Variable Output Description
{{NAMESPACE}} Help Name of the page's namespace
Name of the associated content namespace
{{TALKSPACE}} Help talk Name of the associated talk namespace

The following are equivalents encoded for use in MediaWiki URLs (spaces replaced with underscores and some characters percent-encoded):


These can take a page name instead of operating on the current page:

  • {{NAMESPACE:Template:Main Page}}Template
  • {{SUBJECTSPACE:Template:Main Page}}Template
  • {{TALKSPACE:Template:Main Page}}Template talk