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Lets make up a batch of hackbrew while learning the process involved. This will be a one-day session where a number of batches of home-brewed beer (some ale and some lager) will be made. The beer will need to be racked 1 week later and bottled 1 week after that. We are planning on building a 'brew station' where all the equipment can be stored and brews can be easily be made. There are three main steps: Mash Boil Ferment

Hence the brew station will have three steps (one for each process)

This required (please cross through and write a note if you can supply): Fermentation bins with lids x 3 (Matt to supply 1) Heated brew bin x 1 Insulated brew bin x 1 (this could be a large old ice box or some kingspan insulation around a fermentation bin) Hydrometer x 1 (Matt to supply) Tank fitting (for water tank connections) x 2 15mm copper pipe x some Taps for 15mm copper pipe x 2 2" x 2" wood to build racks (Matt to supply some) Copper tubing - for making a chiller Any brewing related equipment Plastic spoons Lots and lots of plastic/glass bottles. The PET 2l plastic pop work well - please save them...

Ingredients for the beer: Malted grain x 25kg Hops x various types x 5kg Yeast Sterilising powder

Date This happened a while ago...

Organisers Matt Little/ Andy

Check out details of the hacked home brew here