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Inductions are required for certain tools at the hackspace.


Inductions are required for certain tools at the hackspace. This is a requirement as part of the rules.

Inductions are mentioned in the Hackspace guide as well.

Book an induction on this form.

What is an induction?

An induction involves being shown how to use a tool safely and without damaging the tool.

Most inductions are carried out at the space by inductors who are trained in the given tool. Normal members cannot issue inductions by themselves. We encourage inductors to share knowledge in workshops.

Metalwork inductions are not done by members but are done at West Notts College. See notes below.

The inductee should use the tool in question during the induction to demonstrate they can use it safely.

While an induction includes the tools features, inductions are not for advanced knowledge transfer. Describing the features and pointing to YouTube videos is sufficient for an induction.

Types of Inductions

Usage and Safety Inductions

These are usually for tools such as Laser Cutter and 3D Printers, and cover:

  • Safety procedures
  • Usage of the software and tools and procedures for using the tool
  • Demonstration of the tool in use with demo procedures

Safety only Inductions

Safety inductions, for most other tools, cover:

  • Point out fire safety procedures
  • Point out the specific operation of tools in the space
  • Point out difference between West Notts College tools and the ones at the space

Metalwork Tool Specific Inductions

Metalwork inductions are currently in two parts. A session at West Notts College must be followed by a Safety Induction in the Hackspace before a tool can be used.

People with existing experience can discuss their qualifications with the Trustees.

List of Tools requiring an induction

A list is available on HMS, on the wiki or the request form.

Induction Costs

Inductions at the space that are paid for cost £20 per person. This is split 50/50 between to space and the inductor.

Some inductions, usually shorter 'safety' inductions are free.

All inductions at the space are carried out by Hackspace members.

Metalwork inductions are done at West Notts College by staff from the college. Payment for these goes to West Notts College.