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The space no longer has this unit. All the contents are now in the Team Storage.

Infrastructure store  (past)
Intended Use Storage of infrastructure materials.
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Team Infrastructure
Floor Downstairs
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What is it? Where is it?

As of the start of June 2014, we have been allowed to use, for a very small monthly fee, a totally unreconstructed toilet on the ground floor of Bizspace Roden street.

This is not a place where we can store projects or raw materials - it is cold, draughty and damp - but we have decided to use is as a store for Infrastructure Materials.

The benefit of this is that there should be less confusion about what otherwise unidentified things are hackable, and what are being accumulated for infrastructure projects. We can also park things that only get used at certain times of year - gas heaters / lighting for EMF camp, etc. Excess storage items (multi-drawer cabinets, bookcase kits, etc.) are also included as it is inconceivable that these will never be used, though we lack room in the current Hackspace.

How we should use this facility

Should NOT be a staging post between the 'space and scrap / disposal except by special arrangement (e.g. the existing wood lathe may go in here before disposal)

Should NOT remove items from general use - i.e. some but not all of the trollies will be stored here.

  • Catalogue everything that goes in. Later we can run off some labels to identify "Hackspace Infrastructure Store" items.
  • Items to move in quickly
    • Woolworths trolley-cage and contents (sort / catalogue later ?)
    • Stacking plastic chairs
    • Air Cylinder + Fridge Compressors (for centralised compressed-air infrastructure project / RussellH)
    • IKEA Billy bookcase (main parts - find and add hardware later)
    • Brown ex-bathroom steel wardrobe + shelves (use in ISA for storage)
    • Propane cylinders x 3 + red devil heater (not needed in summer)
    • Ducting tubes and fittings, Vacuum cleaner hose tub.
    • Vinyl flooring material
    • Studding timber and Plywood for bench building
    • Dexion angle / spur shelving uprights, spur brackets etc.
    • Some of the ex-Maplin multi-drawer cabinets.
    • 'Odd' storage items that will find use in Hackspace-3.0 (green letter trays, non-matching multi-drawer cabinets)
    • Stuff for EMFcamp (fluorescent lighting)
    • Cabbage trays not currently in use.
    • Box of stuff from wiring (incomplete) spray booth.
    • At least one tub full of 'hackable materials' more suited to DIY / infrastructure than hacking. e.g. electrical sockets and switches, plumbing (though piping less so?).
    • Tub of installation electrical wiring materials. (Actually the stuff in the metalwork area needed for completion of the welder wiring there could also move out, except for the items actually needed).
    • Big trolley / fan / motor / aircon
    • Other not kept-in-the-space trollies
  • Items to leave in the 'space for now:
    • Flat-bed trolley (needs repair, will never get done if moved out of sight)
    • At least one flexible trolley (keep the blue folder + one of the red sack trollies?)
    • Some small storage items (lin bins?)
  • Other
    • Some items are probably best kept visible in the space, even though unused e.g. whetstone grinders?
    • John Higham / long-term loan tools? (Need new policy regarding these)
    • Excess tools (Jigsaws, chopsaws), so that in-space storage is more efficient.
    • Tools that are awaiting completion / demand for their installation. (Hotwater bath / powder coat gun)
    • Move the patent racking from members' storage to either the ISA, or for project storage in the Studio. If this is done, the 'other' game console might usefully go in the ISA ready for hackspace-3.0?
  • Space generated
    • Some which is earmarked for the welding gases - by the time these arrive, waste and other stuff not mentioned above will have been moved away)
    • Top of spray booth - could suit some lightweight project storage?
    • Under bench in metalwork area (will become filled with more relevant items very soon!)
    • Quite a bit of floorspace (especially end of Myford area) All 'free space needs marking as such - for project construction (NOT STORAGE) use (Need to get floor-marking tape)

Items In Store

Notice to users: Please update this list whenever items are added or removed. Once the store has had it's initial fill, a hard-copy should be available in the space, to that people know what has vanished there.

Plastic stacking chairs (spatter-painted) in wheeled cage. N.B. the stack is very high, safe while in the cage, but unstable otherwise. If chairs are needed, they should be removed one at a time from the top of the pile until not rising above the top of the cage.

Air Conditioning unit (Heats / Cools / Dries - ideal for use in the studio over winter)

Large centrifugal fan + 3phase 1.1HP motor for above - dusty area dust management project.

Large red air cylinder - Russell's compressed air infrastructure project.

2 Red gas cylinders - one full, one empty.

Cabbage tray containing long 3phase extension cable.

Cabbage tray containing heavy electrical switchgear ex. distribution cabinet. SCRAP?

Red tub containing 100mm ducting joints / couplings / bends.

4 red fire extinguisher cases + mounting hardware. Possible use for welding rod storage, or may be needed for an outside extinguisher in Hackspace 3.0 otherwise SCRAP?

4 Maplin multi-drawer cabinets (more to be added). Other similar, but not-the-same, cabinets are still in the 'space, and may be sold on or distributed to other hackspaces?