Kitchen outside window ledge

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Kitchen outside window ledge
Location KitchenWindowLedge.png
Intended Use Storage of Nut Shells?
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Team Infrastructure
Floor Upstairs
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Floorplan - Kitchen.png
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It's a window ledge!

Why are there pistachio nut shells here? No one really knows. There is no 'DO NOT HACK' sign, so they could be tidied away.


We could put these pistachio nut shells in the bin. But there may be unintended consequences. We don't know what they are. Maybe these nut shells belong to someone? Maybe it's a project? Maybe it's the Hackspace squirrel? Someone could be doing something for science?

There are two neat piles, so the placing looks deliberate. Maybe we should leave them?


This is, of course, an allegory of the space. In a nutshell. There is something that ought be done. It's kinda obvious, yet no one does it. In case they do it wrong. In case someone says they have done something wrong. So it does't get done.

Until someone comes along and thinks "If I don't do it no one else will". This may be true, but doing stuff at the space with this sort of motivation leads to unhappyness and burnout. It could be a joy to contribute, yet it can feel like a burden.

Pistachio nut shells on the outside window ledge really don't matter. So it's OK to leave them. Like a lot of things in the space, they're now part of the fabric of the space and may eventually have their own wiki page.

But if they were anywhere else, even if they looked like two purposeful piles of someones project they could be tidied away. No one would tell you off and you'd be helping to keep the space tidy and usable for everyone.

Please note

We do not accept donations without prior agreement. If you have something you think other hackers might use - Do Not leave it a the space. Especially on a windowsill. Ask on the Slack or Google groups if anyone would find it useful.