Laser Cut COVID-19 PPE/Instructions for inducted laser users

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Members that are inducted on the laser cutter can help with the manufacture of the Laser Cut Covid-19 face shields as follows:

Project details

Firstly, please familiarise yourself with the project by reading this wiki page LaserCutCOVID-19_PPE

Slack channel

Please join the #laser_cv19_shield channel in slack for coordination. If you are not on slack, you can join here: Nottinghack Slack.

Please use this channel to let others know when you are planning to go in, what quantity you've cut and what materials are still left.

Requesting access to the space

During the lockdown, you will need to request access before visiting the space. If visiting to laser cut parts for this project, or assemble PPE shields, then you can make a request in the #laser_cv19_shield channel on slack or via direct message to @iandickinson or @Lou on slack. If you need to visit the space for any other reason, you must follow the process here: Coronavirus_guidelines

You can book a 2 hour slot on the laser as normal, but this is not necessary as the trustees are presently limiting access to one member at a time, so the laser will not be in use by anyone else.

RFID card for use on the laser

A RFID card for use on the laser when cutting parts for this project is located in the box marked "Covid-19 Volunteers". This box should be by the laser card reader, but it could also be in the Studio. Please ensure the card is returned after use.

When you put the card on the card reader it should indicate the amount of credit available. Please check this at the end of your session. If there is less than 20 hours left, please post a message in the #laser_cv19_shield channel on slack and we will arrange for the card to be topped up.

CV19 folder on desktop

CV19 folder on desktop


Our stock of Polypropylene sheets is on the cutting table in the Studio, or on a bench in the workshop. Please take out only one sheet at a time to keep this as clean as possible.

Stock of polyproplene

Laser file

From within LaserCut53:

  1. Select "File", "Open"
  2. Navigate to the Desktop
  3. Select folder "COVID19PPE"
  4. Choose file "[1050x750] Covid 19 Facemask - V2.ecp"

LaserCut53 view


After cutting you will find the parts have a white dusty deposit and possibly some soot (from the laser bed) on them. Use the anti-bacterial wipes to clean the parts. Please clean the parts thoroughly, but use the wipes sparingly as we have a limited supply at present.

Wipes, PVC sheets and hole punch


After cutting and cleaning, the parts can be assembled by following the process here: LaserCutCOVID-19_PPE

PVC sheets and a hole punch should be on the cutting table in the studio.

Please leave finished items in a box on the cutting table in the Studio with a note showing the quantity.

Once done, please also post an update in the #laser_cv19_shield channel on slack.