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Induction on the laser Cutter/Engraver

The laser cutter is only available to Nottinghack members and an induction is required before it can be used. Previous experience of laser cutters is an advantage but not essential. Laser inductions are one-on-one sessions, cost £20 and last up to an hour. Your inductor will cover a few techniques, the care and maintenance of the machine, materials, software and safe usage, whilst determining that you can safely operate the laser. To book an induction please fill in this form

A team of people will be conducting induction sessions in their own spare time, so it cannot be guaranteed that someone will always be available.

You may bring a small laser project if you wish though you must check that your materials are suitable for a laser cutting or etching.

If you get chance it would be worth installing and becoming familiar with the LaserCut software; you can use the demo and Inkscape to create projects before you do an induction.

Induction Program

If you have a small project in mind we can use it as part of the induction but please check that the materials you have in mind are suitable for use in the laser - the wrong materials can cause noxious fumes that can permanently damage the mirrors or extraction system (or you); running the tube too hot drastically shortens it's lifespan. The induction is primarily to make sure that the laser is operated safely, to keep costs low. A spare laser tube costs in the region of £400, a new set of mirrors £250 - the hackspace can't afford to be replacing these every month!

The induction will include:

  • Setting up and switching on safely
  • Testing alignment of the laser
  • Introduction to the cutting software
  • Setting up your XY axis, placing your work piece and checking the draw frame
  • Engraving
  • Cutting
  • Suitable file types and how to convert them
  • Shutting down

For inductors: Induction Program

Laser Instructors

Please do not contact people on this list directly, please fill in this form. One of the inductors will contact you to arrange a date and time, but it would help if you say when you are/are not available. Inductors do not have access to the hackspace database for sensible reasons - so if you don't email they won't be able to contact you.