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Where do you go get materials from?

Nottinghack will eventually have some baseline standard pieces, of ply and acrylic, in the space for sale. However for other materials you can buy them from a variety of places. This is a list to investigate places to buy from; many stocks and prices change over time.

Plastic and Wood

Company Website Stocks Delivery Options Notes
Trent Plastics Acrylic, various colours/sizes, cut from 1500x1500 down to size 3-5 working days, cost based on weight, Monday - Friday delivery
Kitronik A4+ laser safe plywood and MDF, various perspex up to 1000x600mm. Just Add Sharks who work in the same building may bring items over to Nottinghack (see mailing list) or there are delivery costs are available.
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The hackspace has some standard A4 card in the craft areas, which would work fine.