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A luthier is somebody who makes or repairs stringed instruments (See

There are a number of stringed instrument projects happening at the Hackspace as well as occasional Luthier skill-sharing sessions sessions to which everybody is welcome to attend. We have a number of very good tools for the making and maintenance of instruments at the space including a beautifully fine Japanese pull saw with a built in depth gauge.

We are learning, by observation and most importantly by experimentation, to work with different traditional and modern materials.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Hackspace has inspired quite a lot of this activity and it is our goal to one day form a band from all hand-hacked instruments!


Cutting frets is a stressful time for the luthier! We would like to build a jig for cutting frets, e.g. , however these are limited to a single scale length. If we can be sure of the accuracy of a laser cutter or CNC mill then we could make the scale length jigs guides on a per-project basis.


  • hardwoods
  • fretwire
  • tuning pegs
  • nut blanks
  • bridges
  • strings

Bear in mind that we are hackers, not professional luthiers, and so we will typically: -

  • A: use what's to hand
    • the plentiful resources of the hackspace
    • innovative repurposing of scrap items
  • B: buy it in
    • do loads of online research and get the best we can afford
    • get the cheapest item on ebay!
    • buy something on prospect that might do the trick!

Do not underestimate the value of learning through trying (and sometimes failing) and running as many prototypes as it takes.